Your worst nightmare in Palmetto. Truck and trailer towed No way home !

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    In Manatee County, several boaters are very upset.

    A longtime parking spot near the Palmetto boat ramp is now off limits.

    Boaters say instead of getting warned, their trucks and trailers are getting towed all the way to Sarasota.

    John Wilson is one of the dozens who has been surprised by the change.

    "As soon as I pulled up I knew there was a problem because about 10-boats were stuck at the boat ramp," said Wilson. "Everybody was wondering what to do."

    Wilson and dozens of others are finding themselves stranded at the boat ramp and out of more than $200.

    Their trucks and trailers are being towed because of where they are parked.

    They said in addition to costing them a lot of money to get everything back, it's a big ordeal because often times, their families are with them in the boat. They have to find someone to take them to Sarasota and then come back and pick up their families and boats.

    "I would not have parked there if I would have known it wasn't allowed," said Wilson. "I would not have done it."

    Wilson and other boaters say they've been using the parking lot, directly across the street from the boat ramp, for years with no problems.

    They say they didn't know it was private property until now.

    Towing signs were recently placed near the property to warn boaters wanting to leave their trucks and trailers there.

    However, not everyone is seeing them.

    "They kind of have signs posted in direction where you wouldn't see them, unless you come up main drag here," said Charter Captain, Brady Nelson, whose truck was also towed.

    The properties across from the boat ramp, where people like to park, are in foreclosure and sitting empty.

    Steve Nadeau, from Superior Bank in Sarasota, that owns the large grass lot, where everyone parks, said they recently decided to enforce the no parking issue for liability issues. He said they are worried someone might get hurt on their property.

    He said they tried to hire a local tow truck company to help. However, they declined. He said that's why they ended up using someone in Sarasota.

    The city of Palmetto is trying to resolve the issue. The city has put in a request to purchase the property to help with the parking issue.

    "It's a win, win, win," said Palmetto Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant. "It would improve the gateway to the city, improve facility there, boat ramp and surrounding area, and provide a safe place to park and leave their boat trailers."

    Bryant said they're now trying to work with the county to come up with funding to buy the land.

    But until that happens, those how have been towed say they're furious and will be going some place else to launch their boats.

    The city is placing a new sign at the boat ramp to warn boaters they will be towed if they park their trailers on the private property across the street.
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    Once again, the little guy gets screwed by the system. Bazzterds!

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    Thats not my "worst nightmare"........ Just sayin.......
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    I agree not the worst but right up there ...

    The city should buy it and charge $5.00 a pop a win win

    I buy annual passes ;-)
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    The city should just take it!

    That POS bank is bankrupt...I guess this is the most ingenious way to collect fees.
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    Ummmm?  [smiley=1-headache.gif] So you are telling me these guys are upset because they parked on a lot that had a big no parking/tow away zone sign on it, and they got towed? I mean seriously, come on, they are lucky they only had a small fine. Another example of my favorite saying, "If you're gonna be dumb, you better be tough!"
    As for a worst nightmare scenario, not even close compared to many situations I've been in since owning a boat.
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    My worst nightmare is being in a canoe, in ENP, a mile deep in a mangrove tunnel, summer, no bug tamer. Oh wait, it was reality not a nightmare....LOL
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    See the quote in my preious comment for the answer to this one, lol.
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    there are spots for about 5 trucks with trailers at that ramp now. ::)