your opinion on a Diesel 3/4 ton 4x4

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by whitesnook, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. whitesnook

    whitesnook Guest

    what u think about a 6.4 powerstroke diesel or 6.6 dynomax diesel or a 6.7 dodge cummins diesel???

    what is your thoughts about it??? anybody who owns a diesel pickup truck and have any opions on the truck and a diesel?

    I'm looking for a new truck and leaning toward a Dodge 2500 6.7 cummins diesel 4x4 mega cab.......any suggestions?
  2. brew1891

    brew1891 Well-Known Member

    I have a VW Passat turbo diesel for a company car...does that count? ;D It gets around 40-42mpg at 75mph on SR528

    I do know people with differnt brands of diesel trucks and the Chevy seems to have awesome gas milage based on the owners anecdotal evidence

  3. litlblusrn4bigred

    litlblusrn4bigred Well-Known Member

    I have an f250 power stroke diesel(FORD) and LOVE IT. It pulls my gheenoe very well. I bought it because i pull an 18ft dual axle trailer that is quite heavy when loaded. IMHO Dodge suks!! Chevy and gmc i have okay things about. I have bad things about some fords as well. I dont know why some people have more problems then others but, I have only had one major problem and it cost me 3000 to get it fixed but, i think the shop i took it to screwed me! Anyway, I have owned for 2 years and it pulls like a dream. Gas mileage isnt great on it but, i dont know a diesel that gets good mileage like the other guy that posted about is VW Passat....I know someone up north that owns one of those and he loved it. However, i dont think you really want to pull a whole lot of heavy stuff with that. Especially if you are going to be pulling that big azzzzz party barge around. I have always been a ford man and love my truck. Go test drive some that you are interested in and dont make any commitment and DO NOT LET THEM RUN YOUR CREDIT UNTIL YOU GET THE DEAL YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AND YOU KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT YOU ARE READY TO BUY! Watch out for those car saleman, they will pull the wool over your eyes if they can. There are forums about these vehicles but, everyone's opinion will be different. You have to make your own decision about what you want and like and how much money you really want to spend. Good luck Whitesnook.
  4. orlgheenoer

    orlgheenoer Well-Known Member

    The new fords are nice trucks but, I have heard they are having to resolve allot of issues.

    Dodge 2500 Cummins 6.7, 6 speed>automatic, then throw in an exuast break.

    Chevys are junk if your gonna be pulling heavy loads and since RJ owns one I wouldnt bother with one anyway. Only reson to get a chevy is the allison. :cool:
  5. buck

    buck Well-Known Member

    I have a Ford F250, powerstroke love it. Would buy another in a heartbeat.
  6. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Guys with Ford Strokes please tell which one. 7.3, 6.0, 6.4??????????

    I have a 7.3 and stuck my neck out to buy it because I was afraid of the "next generations". Well my hunch was correct and Ford has struggled since. Do a search and read all you can on the "latest and greatest". Half of that phrase is true. ;)

    Dodge. I like Cummins. That's where it ends. Do a search and the rest fall into place. Buyer beware. ;)

    Chevy. While I would love to bust RJ's hump, IMHO and from what I have seen, it's probably the most reliable on the market right now. I just don't care for General Motors products myself but if I had to buy a diesel today I would be at the GM dealer. Hopefully RJ will chime in with his knowledge on the subject. ;)

    As always, just my .00000000000002 sense

  7. orlgheenoer

    orlgheenoer Well-Known Member

    Do a ford for 7.2 liter power stroke and you'll come back with no results.

    Cummins 5.9>powerstroke 7.3

    They both are most def proven engines though, each one was a part of their respective truck company for at least 10 years.

    The cummins 5.9 has been in the dodges for at least 15 years untill this year.
  8. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Whats a 7.2? 7.3 will be 5 years or older.

    I think Whitesnooky is looking at current production - less than 2 years?. If he interested in Ford he will have to hit the window when the 6.0 was fixed and before they dumped it. ;) After that, it's a crapshoot. Research on FS forum. Post here.

    Like I said - nothing wrong with the Cummins, It's the rest of the truck. ;

    Duramax x Allison works for me. ;)

    FYI, I'm a Ferd man.
  9. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Sorry, I just went back through the tread and found I had a typo. 7.2 should have read 7.3. I corrected it. Sorry for the confusion.

  10. litlblusrn4bigred

    litlblusrn4bigred Well-Known Member

    Mine is the lariat 6.0 turbo diesel.  Bought it used with 93,000 miles.  now has 138000 and still haulin azz [smiley=spinning-on-head.gif]!!  want the 6.4 with twin turbos. i love to hear that turbo whistle when im drivin down the road, sounds like a jet plane.   [smiley=spinning-on-head.gif]
  11. MATT

    MATT Well-Known Member

    I have had a lot of tow trucks in my day and the best ride was from the Chevrolet. I would only buy Chevy trucks.
  12. zero_gravity

    zero_gravity Well-Known Member

    go with the cummings the B series has been around alot longer in the application category you are interested in
  13. aaronshore

    aaronshore Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine has a Ford diesel and is going to sell it to get the Dodge. The high performance diesel shop here in Daytona says the Dodges are the best on the market right now.
  14. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Again, I would like to know "which Ford". I would not buy a current 6.4 but would like to know what others are "dumping" and why. 7.3's were good but WTF do I know, I just dropped mine off at the shop.

    IMHO Cummins is the best diesel just wish it was in another truck. ;)
  15. mygheenoe1

    mygheenoe1 Well-Known Member

    just listen to tanner
  16. whitesnook

    whitesnook Guest

    I'm still after a 6.7 cummins diesel but as for rightnow. I heard a Ford company are having a Lawsuit agaist their partner "international navistar diesel" and heard they won't make a 6.4 powerstroke?? I was hoping to god that ford company can contract with a Cummins diesel productions in near future and if it's happend then that wud be AWESOME! Now, I'm just looking at the diesel trucks and have a lot of considered to spend that much money but I'm gotta wait and see what happends.
  17. beavis

    beavis Well-Known Member

    I have the duramax allison combo. Actually I would prefer my older smaller toyota if you want my true opinion. I bought mine because I used to have a 13,500 lb fifth wheel that I pulled around. Load it with my stuff and it was close to 15k lbs. I pulled that up the grape vine in California with no problems. I work on construction sites where there are a lot of big trucks. When I was deciding, there were several other people there with ford powerstrokes that pulled big trailers too. All of them had to have their transimissions replaced within 30 k miles. One of my friends out there had his replaced after 9k miles. Mine also has the tow/haul button to get rid of the overdrive when pulling. I don't know what ford has. My ford buddy drove with me when I picked up my fifth wheel and was impressed that my transimission downshifted coming down hills wihtout having to touch the breaks as hard.

    All the trucks have had problems and it will be yours to choose. Just go read the diesel forums and you will see all the problems. Those wold be your best resources rather than a small boat fishing forum. Mine had an exhaust valve issue that would have cost me about 5k to fix. Warranty covered it and it only cost 100 bucks. You might want to look into warranty and local dealer reliabilty

    It would be a big mistake to listen to anyone like tanner who only reads and recites and does not even know how to change his own oil. Myself, captron, ankledeeep, and other who have the trucks and use them are much better resources. I drive mine like a race car. I wold have to say it will basically be luck of the draw with whatever truck you get. There are plenty of aftermarket parts to enhance performance if you need.
  18. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Well put. [smiley=1-thumbsup3.gif]

    Thanks for dropping in.
  19. aaronshore

    aaronshore Well-Known Member

    Ron. I was referring to the '99 F-250 7.3. Sorry I didnt clarify earlier.
  20. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Thanks. Why is he going to the Dodge? Does he have a lot of mileage racked up on the 7.3?