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Not a hard case like the Yeti and if I was looking for a hard case I would have no problem paying for the Yeti as I know I won't need to buy another.

However, the Husky Pro Mobile Office has worked great for my tackle box for about 2 years now. Take a box cutter and cut out every other cordura divider and it's perfect for separating Plano Edge 3700 Thin boxes (and you can read the labels without taking them out).

Pliers pocket on the outside and net pocket for pro-cure on the outside too. Good zippers, and a recessed top so nothing slides off.

It's better in every way than my $230 Orvis boat bag and cost $40. I'm going to pick up another for my offshore stuff.

Husky Pro Mobile Office: Husky 16 in. Pro Mobile Office Organizer-67134-02 - The Home Depot
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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