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Yamaha Not Peeing

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My 2005 yamaha 2 stroke 8 hp is not peeing. I checked to make sure the hole wasn't clogged and check the water input plates and they aren't clogged. Im thinking about replacing the impeller is there any other suggestions. thanks so much
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Reasons for loss of water pressure?

Ones I've had to deal with:

1) Blocked intake, usually mud, from running too shallow
     or mud wasp building a nest when boat stored outside
2) Worn impeller, blade tips/edges abraded by silt or sand
3) Impeller detached from metal core
4) Impeller housing seals no longer seal
5) Bad seal where water tube enters block
6) Blocked water jacket
7) Blocked or frozen thermostat
8) Blocked feed to pisser tube
9) The worst one, sheared drive shaft just above the impeller housing

One other thing, if I take the time to drop the lower unit
and I can tell the impeller hasn't been serviced in a long while
I don't just replace the impeller, I replace the housing and all seals.
The kit isn't that much more in price, than just the impeller.
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