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    Ok, I am rigging a 94' pro-v 200hp on my brother-in-laws aquasport. It came off my nephews 20 Action Craft, anyway, there is a flat 4-wire harness on it with the colors Orange, Grey w/black (tracer), Black and Pink w/black (tracer). I have the motor side and it goes about 5 feet and it has been cut with the other side no where to be found. What does this connect to inside the console? The other end is gone. Thanks guys for any and all help, I know this isn't a micro boat, but the power of the forum is veryyyyyyyy strong.

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    Call Chris at Bonefish Boats. (727) 243-6767.

    You can blame me. He should be able to hook you up ;)

  3. Brett

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    Yamaha Outboard Wiring Color Coding

    This information was from another source but is probably accurate.

    BLACK         = Ground
    RED           = Battery Positive; SW3 Oil warning red light V4
    YELLOW        = Ignition ON 12-volts; Four-stroke lighting coil
    BLUE          = Instrument lights; choke; choke circuit; Ground potential oil transfer; High speed Charge Coil
    GREEN         = Tachometer signal; lighting coil lead; knock sensor
    ORANGE        = Trim position sensor
    PINK          = Oil and overheat signal ground
    WHITE         = Ignition stop circuit; SW1 oil transfer off position V4
    BROWN         = Starter circuit; Low speed charge coil; Positive "+" potential to oil transfer pump; SW2 transfer on position V4
    GRAY          = Warning circuit lead; Over-rev. control; Four-stroke tachometer
    SKY BLUE      = Trim up
    LIGHT GREEN   = Trim down
    YELLOW/Red    = Diagnostic lead from ECU
    PURPLE        = ECU groud to enrichment solenoid V76
    BLACK/Yellow  = Thermo sensor
    BLACK/Red     = Remote oil tank ground return, PBS to tachometer, Low speed charge coil
    BLACK/White   = Ignition coil primary lead
    GREEN/Blue    = Crank position sensor
    GREEN/Red     = Red oil warning light ground through SW3 in main tank oil sensor to tachometer
    GREEN/White   = Crank position sender; Lighting coil lead to rectifier
    BLUE/Green    = Main tank oil level sensor SW2 oil transfer circuit
    BLUE/Red      = Main tank oil level sensor SW3. No oil warning circuit
    BLUE/White    = Main tank oil level sensor SW1; Oil transfer OFF circuit
    BLUE/Yellow   = Shift cut switch
    PURPLE/Red    = OX66 #1 injector
    PURPLE/Black  = OX66 #2 injector
    PURPLE/Yellow = OX66 #3 injector
    PURPLE/Green  = OX66 #4 injector
    PURPLE/Blue   = OX66 #5 injector
    PURPLE/White  = OX66 #6 injector
    RED/Yellow    = Key on power through fuel relay pump; power to ECU; Fuel pump and fuel injectors
    WHITE/Red     = #1 pulser V6
    WHITE/Black   = #2 pulser V6
    WHITE/Yellow  = #3 pulser V6
    WHITE/Green   = #4 pulser V6
    WHITE/Blue    = #5 pulser V6
    WHITE/Brown   = #6 pulser V6
    YELLOW/White  = Electric fuel pump for electric carb system (ECS)
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    Does it have power tilt?
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    Yes, thanks for the help guys. I got a wiring diagram from the Yamaha 704 binnacle and figured out what it is for. It's for the trim and vro tank sender info to go up on the multi funtion gauges from the outboard. Again thanks.

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    Bump on this thread - excellent outboard (OMC, Mercury, Suzuki, Yamaha, Force & Honda) wiring colors page from the Marine Mechanics Institute.

    Thanks Brett!