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Yamaha F50 starting issues

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My F50 has started faithfully for me, but this past week while out on the water it suddenly stopped responding to the key. (Thankfully my trolling motor got me back to the ramp.) I've put the batteries on my Genius Gen2 charger/tender, and they seem to be strong. Voltage is 12.81 and 13.13. When I turn the key to start the motor, I get a small metallic click. I'd appreciate some thoughts on what I might try looking at next. I'm sure I need to check some fuses, but honestly I do not know where they are located. Since I get a "click" when I turn the key, can I assume that my Blue Sea switch is ok? Any help would be appreciated. Jim
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Never assume anything. Wiring, fuses, connectors, solenoids, relays, starters can all go bad. Put 12v directly to the starter and see what it does then go from there.
And don't overlook the negative side. I've found and fixed more negative ground issues than positive issues.
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