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yamaha f40 problems

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I have a Maverick HPX 15 with a Yamaha F40. It is a 2005 and just went onto extended warranty. I have had it for one year and this will be the second major carb job in the last nine months, each about $800. Neither was covered under warranty because they were felt to be fuel related issues. I usually post on the Maverick Forum and there is slot of grumbling about problems. Is anyone here having problems with the F40 in terms of the carb crapping out and the boat stalling?  Does anyone  have an F40A fuel injected engine? Any problems? Since I might be repowering, does anyone have a Honda 40 or 50? Yamaha has kind of ticked me off.
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Ring Free will do nothing for E10. High volume fuel retailers do nothing for the problem. Per Yamaha rep I spoke to. You HAVE to treat the fuel with a stabilizing agent like Marine Sta-Bil or other treatment specifically designed for ethanol fuels. That is the only way to solve the problem. Every time all the time.

This problem is not going to get better until we can stop using ethanol as a fuel additive.  :mad:

The Honda will be less suseptable to E10 due to the fact that fuel injection is a closed loop system but it's not the cure all.

Good luck. I feel your pain. So far knock on wood, the Marine Sta-Bil has solved our problem. I know there is a new product that Ron at The Skiff Shop is looking into. As soon as he has more information I'm sure he will share it with us.

Cheers and again welcome to

Capt. Jan
The Skiff Shop is stocking Sentry fuel treatment which claims to "clean injectors and carbs - eliminates all fuel / water problems, inhibits Ethanol Phase separation, improves mileage / horsepower, stabilizes / restores fuel, reduces emissions".

Anybody with the F40 carbed motor can contact me @ [email protected]  I have a proposal for you.

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