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yamaha f40 problems

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I have a Maverick HPX 15 with a Yamaha F40. It is a 2005 and just went onto extended warranty. I have had it for one year and this will be the second major carb job in the last nine months, each about $800. Neither was covered under warranty because they were felt to be fuel related issues. I usually post on the Maverick Forum and there is slot of grumbling about problems. Is anyone here having problems with the F40 in terms of the carb crapping out and the boat stalling?  Does anyone  have an F40A fuel injected engine? Any problems? Since I might be repowering, does anyone have a Honda 40 or 50? Yamaha has kind of ticked me off.
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My engine is currently being worked on by a Yamaha mechanic with the ultrasonic cleaner. All tolled it will have cost me about 1300 dollars in repairs this year, none under warranty. I have used ring free religiously and run the boat almost every week. I buy the gas from I high volume station and yes it has E 10. I have a Racor filter and no water appears in the bowl. I am thinking about repowering and I may go with a Honda 50 which is fuel injecte and weighs less than the Yamaha F40a. The HPX 15 is only rated for a 40 HP max but I sometimes like to make long runs and my top speed is only about 31 wide open. Any opinions on exceding the HP rating on the boat but not overweighing the boat.
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