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Yamaha F40 hp WOT - I only ever reaches 5,000 rpm

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All of the performance bulletins show this engine maxing at 5800+/-.

I realize that it might be the prop I have, but I do not have the ability to try different props. My concern is that my throttle linkage is not letting the throttle reach wide open? Is this something that is easy to adjust? Thanks
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I think the first part of your statement might be the head of the nail. What kind of boat and what kind of prop. I would not fiddle with linkages just yet.

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I had a similar issue on my hpx15. Max rpm was 5000. A year later the dealer realized they had the wrong prop on the boat when they sold it to me. I got a new powertech for free and it opened my rpms up to 5800. More importantly the boat jumps on plane now very quick.
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