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Trouble shoot the tit motor by jumping power to the blue and green wires. I don't remember which one is which but one raises the motor and the other lowers. This will rule out or confirm a bad trim motor. If it tests as a good trim motor then on to step two....

A clicking solenoid means you have power between the switch and the solenoid. If you can swap them to test for reliable operation in one direction that will rule our or confirm a bad relay. If it fails this test then clean the solenoids and and all other connections and try again. There are three possible failures for each relay 1)Not making contact with ground when unactivated 2) not making contact with 12v supply when activated 3)not activating at all.

My money is on a bad motor which isn't a giant problem but you may get lucky and just have some bad connections.

Side note, please do not introduce compressed air to your hydraulic systems.
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