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Yamaha 30 horse lower unit issues

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I was given a 93 2 stroke Yamaha 30 horse buy my father’s boss a while back. The motor came off his dinghy that he used as a tender and has MAYBE 50 hours. Being as it has sat for the last 12+ years, I decided to go ahead and replace the obvious: plugs, fuel filter, water pump, etc.

When I went to drop the lower unit, I could see that it had never been done before and that someone had tried (hairline crack on the cavitation plate and a bend on the other side from hammering). Does anyone have any tips or tactics for removing a lower unit that is positively stuck? Thanks
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Sounds like fun. Nothing says lets party like a fist full of wood wedges and a can of degreaser. At least it's a 30 so you can turn it upside down if you need to. I've had success with strapping the lower unit to the legs of an engine hoist and pulling it apart.
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