SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Yamaha 15hp tiller handle

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  1. flyfshrmn82

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    I have the engine, I am looking for an extra arm/trottle/tiller handle to do a little experimenting with. Does anyone have a 2000 or newer yamaha that is junk? Does anyone know how much one of these "tillers" cost at a dealership?I know I am trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

  2. TomFL

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    If I'm not mistaken I saw one of these listed on evilbay last night. Do a search and you should find it.


  3. tom_in_orl

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    I watch 25 hp motors and parts on ebay. I see tiller handles for sale pretty regularly. The trick is to find the right make, model, year, and hp. Knowing what years, manufactures, hp motors are compatible helps a lot. For example many mariner and yamaha parts are interchangeable. Many of the 25 HP motors use the same parts at the 30 HP motors.

    Also knowing how to do targeted searches helps. For example:

    1. If you wanted to search for yamaha and mariner motors you would submit the following search


    This serves as an OR search. Results will be anything with yami or yamaha or mariner in the title.

    2. If you want to search for 15 hp and 10 hp then try:

    (15 hp,15hp,10 hp,10hp)

    This will give you results for both 10 and 15 hp motors where the number is separated from the hp by a space or joined together.

    3. Combine your search terms to get the best results.

    (yami,yamaha,mariner) (15 hp,15hp,10 hp,10hp) tiller

    This makes for a good target search. It will be the manufacture you are looking for, then the hp, and finally the name of the part.

    4. Don't forget about search the description. This is a check box under the text field. It will help bring up more results.

    5. Try drilling down to the section that is meant for boat parts.

    eBay Motors > Parts & Accessories > Boat Parts
  4. TomFL

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    Ask and ye shall receive:
  5. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    Dang, I hope you and I don't ever wind up in a bidding war, I've got similiar searches saved...!
  6. flyfshrmn82

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    Your the man. Thanks for the help. How is the fishing? ;D
  7. TomFL

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    Me or the other Tom??

    If it's me, fishing has been good from what I hear, but haven't been able to get out because of the stuff called WORK.