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    I just picked up an 06 - 25 Merc 4 stroke.  I am looking for a skiff that can hold the weight of it and not get too big.  I will be setting it up for a stand up configuration to move the weight forward and balance it.  I would like to find a boat that I can restore, thanks in advance. 
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    You might want to look at the new 14' IPB in the commercial section.  New boat and trailer at a good price.  Haven't seen or been in one so check it out personally, not that you shouldn't anyway.  You will probably spend about the same amount restoring one if not more and it will take lots of time.  Unless you just want to rebuild a skiff because you want to, that is another story (that's what I',m doing).  As per a conversation I had with him a couple of years ago, Mel at Ankona will also sell you just a bare hull or a hull with just stringers and sole in it.  I remember the price was good, but I don't remember what it was or even which model we where discussing.  Otherwise CL is a good source for really cheap or free hulls.  I got lucky, I "bought" my hull for the price of a case of beer here on Microskiff.   :D

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    How about a LT25? Mine is going up for sale soon, money talks.