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WTB reel for a 6 wt

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Looking for a reel to hang on an NRX six wt that will be used for light saltwater. Looking to try and keep it around 2 hundred or less.
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New lightspeed micra5 lamson's are going for around $200 the 3 would be the size I would use.
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Thanks Slamin, I’ll take a look. I’ve also been looking at the Danielsson reels too, they are a little over 200.
Galvan torque t-6 can be found on eBay in that price range. It's a fine little reel for a 6 wt.
T6 on eBay is right. Great reel. See a few on there but usually closer to 300 bucks than 200
Ive got a new Hardy SDSL 6000 that’s got backing. It’s a 6-8wt reel I’m trying to part with for $275 shipped. No box but it’s brand new
Thanks, the T6 would be my reel of choice, but haven’t seen them on eBay for 200ish. There is a T5 for 250, but seems a little small for bones.
They are sought after and the fact folks aren’t giving them away on eBay is a testament to the quality. As I said 300 is probably as low as it’s gonna go for one
Thanks for offers guys, wound up buying a Galvan Torque on sale.
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