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@fishnpreacher is David selling his Maverick? I didn't see a for sale posting on his FB page.
Posted 5/23
I’ve decided to sell my 2006 Maverick HPX, 2017 70 Yamaha 4 stroke with 23 hours on it, new power pole, new Hummingbird helix 10, MinnKota 12 volt electric, stiffy push pole, yeti cooler, float-on trailer with 3 new tires. Boat was completely required in January ($3000), plus all accessories. $25,000. Message me if interested. Boats in perfect condition... I just don’t use it. It’s spent most of its time running around my lake!

There are pictures of course. I fished with him on 05/13, he didn't say anything about selling. But he posted this on the 23rd. I'm not sure if this is his guide boat since he says "I just don't use it. It's spent most of its time running around my lake."
I know he had his guide boat reworked by Maverick,so......
I have not spoken to him since 5/21

I messaged David Edens, this boat is NOT for sale.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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