SOLD/EXPIRED WTB - Mako 1700 inshore flats or similar

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by marshnole11, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. marshnole11

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    Looking for a Mako 1700 inshore from the early 2000's... they only made these hulls for a few years.. I think 01 to 03

    Will also consider something similar. Needs to be 16-18 foot poling skiff. Able to float in less than a foot. trying to stay around 10-11k or under.

    Please PM me or email at

  2. devrep

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    I picked my silverking 16 up for just over 5K, put in some elbow grease and put a new motor on it. Just have to look around and be patient.


  3. Snookdaddy

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    Silver Kings are the wood! Nice sled...
  4. hunterbrown

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    You might also look at the Pelican 17 I think they are pretty similar hulls. I'm not sure on the price though.
  5. ronyates90

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    looked at these years ago very tough to push around " heavy "
  6. marshnole11

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    really? the hull weight is listed as 850 pounds... that is only a few hundred more than some hells bays....

    Thanks for the heads up
  7. trailblazerEXT

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  8. swampfox

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    How did you end up wanting one of these? My neighbor had one for years. And I had the baby brother 1550 for years. Yes there are not many around. The fit and finish are not great. On a scale of 1-10 I would give em a 6.5. They are light hulls and all cored-even the platform. Mine floated in spit. But rode like shit. I think the 1700 is a much better ride. And since Fordice won the Gold Cup in one. Against HBs, Dolphins, Silver Kings, Mavericks, ect. You cant deny the way they fish. Definitely a boat that usually goes under the radar. That's why I was curious you got interested in them.
  9. swampfox

    swampfox 01 Hells Bay Guide.07 ECC LOSTMEN-sold

    A few things to look out for on one. Under the front hatch on the 1550 at least. They had a Starboard deck. Mine came loose and busted a hole in the liner. Because the used a piece of Starboard. turned on its side as a brace for the middle. Well when this come loose all the weight of your three batteries pound on this small surface area-brilliant. Not a big deal since its unseen. The latches are junk. And get stretched out easy. But the can be found for cheap on some industrial sites. And the wiring on all I have seen is a total cluster fornication. At least compared to HB or ECC.
  10. marshnole11

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    I needed something super stable, shallow draft and easy to pole.... and to bridge the gap between a micro skiff and a larger flats skiff that can handle 3 anglers. I found these hulls and from the limited info I can find online about them people seem to really like them... of course as anything goes there are also negatives, poor ride, fit and finish. but draft and hull weight is important to me and the fact the hull is cored is a plus too. I think for the money, what I can afford and how I want to fish, these boats fit the criteria for me.

    I have seen the 1550 in person. I liked it alot. I understand the 1700 has a little more V in the front
  11. swampfox

    swampfox 01 Hells Bay Guide.07 ECC LOSTMEN-sold

    Sounds like it should fit the bill for ya. Rob fished em in the Glades/Keys right up until he was lured to the darkside at HB. They are solid fishing boats made to fish. If you like to look at your perfect polished up boat in the garage maybe you need something else ;) The 1550 would jump on plane.