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WTB : Gheenoe

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Im 19 and in college....right now have a kayak that im willing to sell if I can find a decent gheenoe that I can throw a trolling motor on. Anyone got any ideas?

OR would I be better to just buy a canoe if im probably just going to use a TM? Any good stable/CHEAP canoes out there?

Would be willing to trade my kayak and some $$$ for a gheenoe :)

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Send pictures of the kayak or details to [email protected]

I make kayaks so I don't really need another but I am looking for a larger sea touring type.

I have a nice but older 13' Gheenoe on a jet ski trailer with an 8 hp Honda 4 stroke I am going to sell as soon as I change the impeller in the water pump on the Honda. It did not pee the last time I took it out so I had to cancel the trip. The boat has two seats that slide into brackets on the factory seats and has only been used with a gas motor two times. It was always used with a little 30 lb thrust trolling motor.

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