Wounded Warriors get to skydive :-)

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    Air Force veteran Kendell Madden is prepping for a different kind of plane ride.

    On Saturday, he along with several other wounded warriors sky dived with Elite Para Commandos. It’s all in effort to help them escape the realities of their injuries as part of the Wounded Warriors Program.

    "This is a nice little escape," said Madden. "You get to enjoy yourself."

    Most of these wounded warriors were airborne qualified and for a lot of them, Saturday was their first jump since their injuries.

    For Army Veteran Chuck Wesson this is a check off his bucket list.

    "It’s one of the mile stones I have wanted to do after I got hurt,” Wesson said.

    Army Veteran Roosevelt Anderson never made it to his airborne class, he was hurt just days before and was left with injuries that put him in a wheel chair.

    "I always wanted to get my airborne status and to be able to jump right now and knowing I can do it while being in a wheelchair is something else,” said Roosevelt Anderson.

    Wheelchair or not, the reality of these wounded warriors injuries disappeared into thin as air as they took the jump they’ve been anxiously waiting for.

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    Great story for some very brave soldiers!!!