Worlds largest mosquito

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    Been scanning some of my slides from my 2006 moose hunt float trip and stumbled into this. Pretty cool, they do it all with natural burl wood from the local spruce. I forget the name of the place but its just a little ways out of town from Fairbanks. They had other stuff too, but the state bird was most impressive. :)

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    I think that bit me in Choko last week :mad:

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    Wow that is impressive. And with burl wood!! That must have amazing detail.
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    There's about 73 different species of mosquitoes in Florida can bite you no matter what! Some mosquitos doesn't bite you like Toxorhynchites species never feed on blood and largest mosquito out there in florida.

    Mosquitoes were present in Florida long before humans. They are a problem for human and animals because of the pain experienced when females feed on blood, and also when they are blood feeding, they can transmit disease causing transmission on blood. That's why my job is operations, surveillance which includes mosquito indenification is the basic of effective and evironmentally program.

    There are few species are dangerous like culex nigriplaus that carry St. Louis encephatlitis, west nile encephatitis and dog heart worm.

    Always wear long sleeve shirt and pants then spray with DEET spray to protect yourself when u head out on fishing trip.

    If u have a pond or ditches that u think it's breeding and there is always to prevent them from breeding in your place is use ivory soap in the water!!! No chemical needed!
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    I prefer to toss a bucket or two full of minows/guppies in the pond. They eat the larvae and if/when the pond dries up the birds and what not eat the minnows. Everybody is happy except the mosquito larvae. No soap dried, crackly hand texture either. :)
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    Yes, we used Guppies (Gambusia) to use these fish for abandoned swimming pools and small bodies of fresh water that remain wet for most of the year.

    But the problem is we had too many complaint about Predators are after the guppies in the swimming pools or containers like racoons, birds, and other animals which pissed people off in the neighborhood. So they want environment safe use in the pool or holding water is soap or biological chemical than guppies. We mostly perferred use gambusia or tadpoles to reduce the mosquito population and cost-effective.

    Even we used tadpoles and gambusia to eat the mosquito larvae to reduce 90% of mosquito larvae.

    Bats are a great help also!
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    Mosquitoes were impressive in Norway Maine last Week :)

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    That's cool and thanks for sharing.

    I'm not going to get into "my mosquito is bigger than yours" though. ;D ;D
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