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Hey guys,
Just bought a set of Amega Teleflex gauges for my boat to replace the old weathered down ones (it was difficult to make out the numbers) My speedometer and fuel gauges installed easily but the new tachometer has different wiring than my current one. The old one uses a harness. How can I wire the new gauge?

Here are some pictures of the old and new one:



& since were on the topic, the gauges came in a bundle of 4, so I have a new battery voltage gauge of the same "Teleflex Amega" style, if anyone is interested.


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Time to break out the wire cutters and crimps.
Then you'll need the color codes for your wiring harness
to determine which wire goes where.

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Knowing you have an OMC product, and looking at the harness image provided
it appears to match the johnson colors in the maxrules link.

Light Blue with White Stripe
(may also be solid blue) Trim UP Switch
Light Green with White Stripe
(may also be solid green) Trim DOWN Switch
White with Light Brown Stripe Trim Sender to Trim Gauge
Gray Tachometer Signal
Black with Yellow Stripe Shorting or Stop Circuit
Red Un-fused Wire from Battery
Purple Ignition (Switch) to 12 Volt Positive
Tan with or without Stripes Temperature Switch to Warning Horn and/or
Temperature Sender to Temperature Gauge
Yellow and/or Yellow w/ Gray Stripe Stator to Regulator (Charging Circuit)
Yellow with Red Stripe Ignition Switch to Neutral Start Switch
to Starter Solenoid
Purple with White Stripe Stripe Choke (or Primer System)
Orange with Varied Color Stripe CD MODULE to Coil - Various Striped on Orange
White with Black Stripe Temp Sensor (Alarm Circuit) to Power Pack
Looks like the loose red wire is the gauge light
loose green is probably your ground
but black is the usual color for the ground
Purple is the ignition/12v feed and grey is the tach send.
Seems to be all you need.

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