Wiring my highsider

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    Hello im soon to be wiring my highsider, but i have no clue about wiring. im going to have a 5 switch panel on the rear deck which will be for Nav. lights, interior lights,livewell,bilge pump, and battery voltage guage. i made a template of where every electrical thing i need is.


    here is the switch panel im getting

    Now i need to know all the things i need to hook up all my electronics to the bettery such as wire, fuses,connecters and all of that stuff. if anyone could help me out by making me a list or diagram of what i need that would be awsome. also i think im going to need another battery up front for my 40lb thrust trolling motor.one more thing im going to have the wires runs along the side right beneather the rub rail in a bilge tube.
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    i had a switch panel very similar where the switches started failing in short order :mad: not saying yours is the same exact just similar :-/ keeping the switches dry helped the next batch but even they didnt last that long and for 70 something bucks i paid for the switch panel i felt kinda ripped [smiley=cloud.gif] better sealed replacement switches were gonna run about 30 bucks a piece so theres another 100 + bucks in to lighting :( use atleast 10 ga. for the accessory plug and 14-16 ga. for other items ;) the troller should get 6 ga with 8 ga being the absolute smallest ga. i would consider

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    You'd be better off with a different design like the weatherdeck series from blue sea systems for a couple reasons: First because they are quality pieces, and second because their design kinda shield the switches from sticking out and accidently getting turned on/off if you hit it with your leg. The design you are showing has the toggles sticking out and would be prone to that, or worse yet, breakage.


    You can spend a few sheckles and get one with breakers built in, so you never have to worry about having a spare fuse while you're out in no-man's land: http://bluesea.com/category/62/27/productline/118

    Or you can get one for standard blade fuses which are a lot cheaper: http://bluesea.com/category/62/27/productline/119