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I have had my Pahayokee for nearly a year now, and I think it is overdue for a review.

I picked up hull #1 back in Jan. Since then I have run the Wingmaster to the Marquesas, multiple trips through the Everglades, out of Venice, and in my home state of Texas from the Upper Laguna Madre to the Galveston Bay complex.

The Pahayokee is rigged with the Tohatsu 60 and an Atlas jackplate. The boat comes standard with Lenco Trim Tabs.

I have owned a few boats, and almost every boat builder claims their boat is dry. Surprisingly the Pahayokee is very dry, the extended splash rails are absolutely money! With 3 anglers and a loaded boat, we stayed dry from Key West all the way to the Marquesas and back. Just as dry here in Texas crossing Matagorda Bay with 2 anglers.

My biggest concern was can this boat get up in skinny water. Specifically, Texas skinny water which is 8-10" shallower than Florida skinny. (I discovered this the hard way with my first skiff out of Florida.) It runs skinny which isn't shocking. What is shocking to me is that I can run with the jackplate at 4 without overheating, and this is without a tunnel...

Next, can it handle big water? That is an absolute YES! The run out of Key West, running outside of the Everglades out of Flamingo, and crossing Matagorda Bay.

Poling (I am not going to pretend that I am not a Texan, that used to jump out of my boat and wade) With that in mind and in my past I feel completely confident keeping this boat on a line and maneuvering the bow around quickly or quietly. I overcome any shortcomings I have with skill by using a great pole so I am not fighting it along with my ignorance. "sometimes tools help"

I have tried to find a complaint about the boat and I haven't been able to yet, every boat has its flaws I haven't uncovered the Pahayokee's yet
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