Wing nuts on Batteries

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  1. Brett

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    Bad idea for all concerned! Because wingnuts loosen easily,
    hull vibration can cause the nuts to back off while in use,
    leading to a vibrating cable connection.
    The vibrating cable end can arc due to the available
    amperage provided by the battery. Extremely easy for a fire to start.
    Use stainless steel ny-locs to ensure proper terminal connections.
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    I've performed several miracle motor repairs both at the ramp and a long ways out in the backcountry over the years.... The guy's motor just won't start in the morning or works well all day long, then won't start...

    All I ever did was properly tighten those darned wingnuts.... I lost a charter one day before I learned. The first thing to do with any new battery is toss out those blankety blank wingnuts, then go to stainless locknuts. If your battery cable has any "wiggle" to it at the battery, then it's simply not tight enough. If the connection to the battery is bad the motor can't charge it properly...

    I've seen brand new rigs with those darned wingnuts... any dealer that allows a rig off of the lot in that condition isn't a very sharp outfit.

    I'll get down off of my soapbox now.

  3. iMacattack

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    only "wingnutz" use wing nuts... ;D
  4. Brett

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    Mercury Marine even requires decals to be affixed to new motor installations,
    warning against the use of wing nuts on battery terminals.
    Hex nuts and torque specifications to eliminate problems.

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    Plus, when you try to tighten them enough with your fingers they give you a boo boo. :'(
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    So that's what happened
  7. Gator_Bob

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    So that's what happened!
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    I have been told to add a 2ed nut to the bolt to keep them on tight.