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Jan or Tom,

move this if you think it belongs somewhere else. I found this on another forum and there has been some interest over here. I copied this without permission, but I don't think they will mind.


Participating in the Snook Foundation boat raffle may make you feel good for two reasons: Your money goes directly towards the mission of saving inshore juvenile fish habitat, AND you are giving yourself a chance to win a unique “ready to fish” Panga boat!

As many of you know, the Snook Foundation is dedicated to engaging anglers and policymakers, with the ultimate goal of protecting effective juvenile snook habitat. This critical habitat harbors more than 60 species of fish and benthic creatures, and has traditionally ‘fallen between the cracks’ at almost every level of protection. Hence, we have lost more than 50% of this much-needed real estate to development in Florida.

The Snook Foundation is an independent NGO that is not directed by any business that might have an interest in swaying our decisions. We rely solely on the support of donations by concerned anglers and citizens like you. Our Board of Directors is a working mixture of scientists, fishing guides, average anglers, businesspersons and even a retired Navy Submarine Captain. Our Directors and Officers are volunteers that serve without salary.

Every Raffle Ticket Donation is a needed help toward achieving this important mission!

Win This 18' Panga Skiff, Complete with a 25 HP YAMAHA Motor and a Custom Trailer; it could be yours!

Here's your chance to win a ready-to-go skiff from the first and foremost builder of Panga fishing boats in the U.S., Panga Marine Corporation of Sarasota, Florida and to show you support the future of snook fishing. We picked this boat above others because it is unique. Find out why the Panga is so important to fishermen south of the border. In Mexico anglers regularly take Tuna and Marlin among other fish from Pangas only slightly larger than this one. A 25 HP will push the 625 lb hull at 25mph. It's an unsinkable, totally seaworthy, easy-handling Skiff that is made to fish in almost any weather. This Panga Skiff comes complete and features Kevlar reinforced construction, a poling platform, a forward carbon fiber casting deck, a carbon fiber handle extender, a stake out pole by the revolutionary Stick It Anchor Pins, a 25hp Yamaha with tank and a proven Continental custom trailer. This 18’ skiff is fully wrapped with a graphic package that makes this boat very distinctive. The Panga only draws 6" and its high bow and reverse chine make for an amazingly dry, stable ride.

Visit the Snook Foundation web site, , to purchase tickets.

Drawing will be held April 1, 2008. You do not need to be present to win.
Tickets are $10, or six for $50.
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