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Discussion in 'Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina' started by Kevin Smith, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Active Member

    Im just moving to Wilmington - actually a bit south from there ...Masonboro area. Looking to learn the water and buy a flats skiff. I have fished the area for redfish a few times. I know it is shallow and oyster bottoms. Basically looking for a boat recommendation...
  2. mtoddsolomon

    mtoddsolomon Lip Ripper

    Hey Kevin, There are a ton of boats out there that will be good for that area so you kind of have to narrow it down.

    -Budget range?
    -Tiller or Console
    -New vs Used?
    -Poling or trolling?
    -How many people do you need
    -Do you care about spray and ride comfort?

    If you can answer those you can definitely narrow your search down.

  3. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Active Member

    Thanks for Response
    $30K top end; 16-18ft. no larger; console - center/offset ; probably used ( at $30K ); will poll, but not adverse to having a Ft control ; 2-3 max; comfort preferred ; appropriate power for boat size, weight and would prefer newer engine; same for electronics, radio, etc.; Fly fisherman, no need for live/bait well.
    I suspect fairly long runs up the intercostal. Need to draw 5-6". With Oyster bottom issues, others have recommended older hulls as opposed to newer.( even new Beaver Tail Mosquito for example )
    I'm thinking HB Whipray; HP Waterman ( maybe even Professional - but certainly no bigger ); Older Maverick 16ft or 17 HPX-S; Older ( 2006 and older ) Beavertail.
    Home has boat dock and lift.
    But any recommendations appreciated
  4. mtoddsolomon

    mtoddsolomon Lip Ripper

    I live in Charleston and run in very similar conditions as you. My parents have a house in Topsail Beach so Charleston was an easy transition. I'm also an East Cape fan so I'd steer you in the direction of a Caimen, Lostmen, or Fury if you can find a used one. I'd also look at the HB Whipray, BT2/Osprey.

    If you want to go new, you could probably get an ECC Caimen lite, Ankona/Salt Marsh,or BT Mosquito.
  5. D. C. Ward

    D. C. Ward Well-Known Member

    I live down in southport, I run a skimmer skiff tiller for the tidal creeks and marshes around bald head island but theres quite a few higher end skiffs in the area, Mavericks, ECC, a few hells bays. I'm sure you'd be happy with any of the skiffs mentioned above.
  6. contenderv07

    contenderv07 I Love microskiff.com!

    how much are you looking to spend??? I'm selling my Beavertail Vengeance, boat is located in Oak Island. I've got the post for sale up here somewhere.. I'll see if I can find it
  7. hharke

    hharke I Love microskiff.com!

    Go to facebook and see coastal skiffs. They are in Fairbluff about 65 miles from Monkey Jct, off 74. They will custom build you a skiff that works great for this area to your specs. I have a 21 ft loaded. I saved about $15K over a comperable Carolina skiff. I had them put I80 trolling motor, 3 batteries, Lowrance HDS-2, Minn Kota Talon power pole, VHF radio, AM/FM stereo, custom decks, live wells and bait wells, leaning post, hard T-Top , Suzuki 115, swim platform, bilge pumps, LED lights, electronics box etc. I was a little over your budget, but not too much with trailer out the door. Last I knew a 19 ft with 90 HP, and trailer was just under $20K.

    Mine runs about 27-28 mph at 4700 rpm with 4 big fisherman fully loaded with all gear and we go heavy. :) Tops out at 30-32 depending on which way the tide is running at 5000 rpm. Mine is rated for 12 people, so if you have a family the 18 or 19 would work perfect if you do not want the bigger boat. I run from Bald Head to Wrightsville fishing marshes and ICW and can run in 6 inches. A smaller 18 or 19 ft with poling platform would run anywhere here and can be poled. Lot of sand bars and flats that leave boats stranded if you do not watch the tides around here.

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  8. mtoddsolomon

    mtoddsolomon Lip Ripper

    It would be hard to pole that for sure.
  9. perrymcfly

    perrymcfly Active Member


    Hey Kevin, I'm up in Swansboro and actually have an East Cape Glide for sale. There is a thread under the for sale section of the forum, shoot me a PM if you're interested and I'll be happy to send any pics if you'd like. 17' skiff with a 30hp Suzuki, on a good day by myself I can run low 30's. Typically with another person fishing with me and full of fuel she runs around 28-30mph. Easy to poll and gets super skinny.
  10. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Active Member

    I actually bought a HB Whipray.
    Hope to meet someday on the water
  11. jcgeiss93

    jcgeiss93 Member

    Congrats on the Whipray! Hope to see you out there
  12. Unplugged

    Unplugged Active Member

    Hey kevin.Have you been fishing?I bought this Maverick 2 months ago and love it.I fish behind masons and buzz bay.I'll be looking for you.

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  13. tgjohnso

    tgjohnso Well-Known Member

    Maybe I misread your post, but you have a 21' skiff that is rated for 12 people? Is this a flat bottom skiff or pontoon boat? Impressive.
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