Who's watching the NFL this weekend?

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    When you think about it, there is so much hypocrisy in their act that it makes me wish someone had shaken them when in infancy. The whole reason they are kneeling in protest (supposedly) is because of percieved unequal treatment but with their very act they are wanting unequal and special treatment. Who on here would be allowed to do something like this at your place of employment? I know my ass would be canned so quick there wouldn't even be time to get media attention, no matter how much money I made the company. Essentially this whole act by the NFL players streches their already disproportionate treatement compared to the rest of society in relation to universally acceptable mores. If you live in a glass house house don't cast stones. What's even worse is that the government and voting populus as a whole should have nothing to do with social issues. Disrespecting our flag, nation, government, military, and all those proud Americans that stand behind it does little to further a cause. Equality is a social issue that is dependent on everyone at the individual level. If you want change give a good reason for change and act in a way people will respect your position! Rant over.
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    I stopped watching because of ...
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