which dual bank onboard charger?

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    I am adding an add a battery kit with ACR. I'd like to add a dual bank battery charger that the same time. Which dual bank charger does everyone reccomend? Lately, I've been focusing on the NoCo Genius and the Guest chargers but am open to other brands. I do know that I want something that is capable of charging a depleted battery (not just a trickle charger).
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    Promariner ProSport Series

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    Ditto on the Pro Sport series. I just replaced a ProSport12 Generation 1 which lasted 10 years in a semi-exposed mounting and it did a great job of maintaining the wet cell dedicated pair of troller batts on my 17' skiff (that skiffs troller is a non-digital 5 speed so it sucked down a lot of juice during a long day on the water)

    Pro Mariner makes a great product at a fair price, but which size charger is right for your use depends on what type of batts you have and how you run them: Wet cells are good (and will live longer) with lower amperage chargers - 4-6 amps per battery will fully recharge 50% discharges in 12-24 hrs if you can afford that time. 12-20A per cell chargers will obviously recharge a wet cell faster, but will also reduce its service life.

    AGM's like a bigger output - 12 -20A per cell is good for best battery life and of course faster recharge times. AGM's will have a shorter life with lower amp chargers

    My replacement charger is another ProSport, the Pro8 Generation 3 this time - its retains the distribution on demand and equalization charge of their earlier chargers (which do work and are effective) and adds in cooler operation, 50% lighter weight and a good led status display.
    So yes, I liked Pro Mariner's build quality and performance enough to buy another one.
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    Guys, I have back ordered a Guest two bank 6/6 charger. However, after reading your posts and looking into the pro mariner pro sport line, I am seriously thinking of changing that order to a pro mariner pro sport Gen 3, 20 amp. Right now I have two wet cells. I also have an older 55 lb minn Kota tm running off of a deep cycle. I anticipate that deep cycle getting run down quite frequently, so it seems like the more powerful 20 amp model would make sense.