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  1. Viking1

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    First thanks to everyone who posted suggestions in this post from last year http://www.microskiff.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1392674068/0#0 and I got a lot of good information from the KenRockwell.com site.

    I own an Olympus TG-1 and have been very happy with it for point and shoot applications.

    Now I want to step up to a DSLR. I plan on taking this camera on my boat in salt water so having something that is durable with wet hands is important to me. I also want a camera with a telephoto so I can take pictures of the birds I see while I am on the water. From the research I have done I want at least 300mm. I also want to do more things where I can manually control aperture and ISO than what I can do on a point-and-shoot. Whatever camera I get I plan to get a pelican case.

    The cameras that I am looking at are the Canon 5D Mark III and the Olympus OMD-EM1. Both cameras are supposedly splash proof and have magnesium bodies for more durability. One big differences between these two cameras is that the Olympus has a 4-3 (APS) sensor and the Canon has a full frame sensor. The APS sensor when you use it with a zoom appears from what I read gives you a multiplier effect. So if you are using a 150mm lens and the APS sensor has a 2x multiplier it can effectively turn it into a 300mm lens for more reach. Where if you use a full frame if you use a 150mm you get 150mm. The downside to the smaller sensor on the Olympus is that you don't get as much detail if you crop and can get more noise.

    I am cheap and I tend to keep my gear for a long time and will pay more to get the equipment I need or put another way I am not wanting to waste money but if I need to spend the money to get a "tool" to get the job done I will do it. So with that said does anyone have any real life experience with these two cameras that they can give me some insight on. I am not against Nikon either just from the research I have done it seems like more outdoor photographers lately have been using Canon for some reason. The Nikon that I have seen recommended is the D7100 so if anyone has any suggestions on that I would appreciate it too. I am starting from scratch so I don't have any existing lenses so brand does not matter.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    Not a lot of time this morning but

    contact the guy that does salty shores

    I would get an Ikelight case and put a Nikon in it But that's lots of $$$ and Bulk

    But Salty Hands are NOT what you want on a camera

    Good "Glass" will cost a small fortune

    that's all 4 now L8r ...


    GTSRGTSR Well-Known Member

    I think you are on the right track, metal bodied Canon.... If you havent looked on KEH.com, you should look there. Highly reputable and sell all grades of used gear.

    The compact sensor vs full frame comparison is not double, its 1.6.

    The positive is you can buy a 200 mm lens and it acts like a 300. The negative is you gotta get real low for wide angle.
  4. Viking1

    Viking1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the lead on KEH.com I will check it out. All APS sensors are not the same. The micro 4/3 sensor is 40% smaller in area (2.0x crop factor) than APS-C (1.5x crop factor, or 1.6x for Canon-APS-C) sized sensors and 75% smaller (i.e. a quarter of the area) than a full frame sensor (1.0x crop factor) (35 mm equivalent), which can mean lower image quality when all other variables are the same. From what I am thinking if I do much low light photography and if I want a smaller depth of field the full frame would be better than the 4/3. The 4/3 sensor would mean I would carry less weight and get more out of a zoom lens over a full frame. I think I am leaning towards the full frame. I need to see what a Cannon 5D with a 300mm weighs before I make a decision.

    GTSRGTSR Well-Known Member

    Look up the specs, I have a rebel plastic and a 300mm 4.0L.

    I sure didnt mean to pick you apart, I only know about Canon's APS-C, thats why I gave that number. I=I think you are right again when you say that you dont want the smaller sensor that has a 2.0 factor.
    If I was buying a body now, I'd be sure to buy one that shot video.

    I got this email from KEH when I asked about Canon video capability

    Hello Geoff,

    The Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III, 7D, 60D, and the Rebel T3I can all do 1080p video.
    If you have any other questions, please call me.

    Thank you,
    Josh Bearden

    Of course your MKIII is on the list and that is another positive for your choice so far
  6. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    Only problem with decent gear is your travel companions get very impatient with you !!!

    "Are you done yet ?"

    Or "How long is THIS going to take ?"

    Over 20 of my "Buddies" Left me in an island in Georgia because I was taking pictures :-( (u were there LOL)
    someone did come get me though ...

    Contact Bret I sold him a D3100 for his wife , it was pristine ! and did amazing shots (just as good as my full frame)
    it did the tree photo I gave you ...

    In my opinion the ability to take RAW files is the most important thing , then you can do a LOT more in post processing :)

    I shoot mostly with a point and shoot with close up filters and wide adapters it does a LOT

    I got on the full frame band wagon and have to say it is a little over rated for the cost

    I cal use ALL my old glass from 16-650mm though ;-)
  7. paint it black

    paint it black Paddling away...

    I've been shooting with the Nikon D800E for a year now and love it. A buddy of mine owns the 5D Mark III and he wishes he had gone with the Nikon D800E instead. Once he used mine a few times he saw the difference. It is a full frame, way more megapixels than the Mark III and also has a metal, weather sealed body.

    The new Nikon D810 just came out I'd definitely give it a look.
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