Which Battery for Minn Kota 45lb Variable Thrust TM

Discussion in 'Power it up with Electronics' started by gillz, May 19, 2014.

  1. gillz

    gillz Well-Known Member

    I have Minn Kota 45lb Variable Thrust TM that I am planning to use on my FS18 (Bateu FlatStalker). I also have a Wally World Group 27 Deep Cycle Battery that is in good shape and was essentially free as part of the purchase of the donor Jon Boat that I purchased for the motor (2013 20hp Suzuki). The issue is that the battery height is about 1/2 too tall and the front storage hatch will not close. I could put the battery in the back under the deck but I was trying to keep as much weight forward as possible. I was considering an Odyssey AGM, but the ah are not making sense. Minn Kota recommend like ~140 ah but that is a pretty huge battery, no? I don't plan on running on the TM all day, only for fishing solo and in short spurts. Also, it will only be used for the TM. The motor is pull start only.

    Does anyone have any input on which ah is adequate for real world use on an AGM?

    Or, should I just try and cut the post and use the "free" battery. :-/
  2. Roger_Cook

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    I have an Optima AGM, 750 CCA, 55 AH, for a Minn-Kota 55 lb. Works great, could probably get three days of fishing on one charge and I use it a good bit.

  3. gillz

    gillz Well-Known Member

    Thanks FlyBy1,

    That's what I was looking for. So I'm thinking a battery with 330cca and 26ah (PC925) should give me one good fishing day without the need to recharge and will fit where I want to put it in the front compartment.
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