When We Left Earth - NASA Missions on Discovery

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by thresher, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. thresher

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    I have been really enjoying this series on Discovery and tonight is the last night. I heard that the last moon mission launch was watched by 500,000 folks in Titusville/Canaveral. Does anyone here remember this? I was too young and lived in Texas. Does anyone remember the president doing a parade when man first went into space? It was right here in little old central FL. Someone older than me pipe up! :)
  2. Windsplitter

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    I was 9 and having too much fun riding my bike. but i think they should stop spending so much on the space program and make NASA find a
    better fuel source instead.

  3. Un-shore

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    So many kids where skipping school to stay at home and watch the TV coverage that the teachers brought in their TV's to school to watch the coverage. the other day a freind at work was talking about how his family would drive over from Tampa to watch the launches. He said a shuttle launch is no big deal compared to the Apollo rockets, they looked like a sky scraper ripping itself from earth.
  4. Un-shore

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    Think of all the lost jobs, they all can't build Gheenoe's.
  5. HaMm3r

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    That was a good series. I watched several of them. Although I can recall my parents watching the coverage on our one black and white, staticy, twist knob, full console TV, I was too young to really appreciate or understand what was going on. ::)
  6. litlblusrn4bigred

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    next year their budget is 20.2 billion dollars and Bush is already signing the paper work. Why do we need a space center in space I will never understand it. More money should be spent on education IMHO. :-/