When shooting with people in the picture.

Discussion in 'Photo Hut' started by snooknreds2, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. snooknreds2

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    Something I just thought of that is kinda funny to me. 

    Obviously I take allot of pics with people in them... well my wife and I always laugh at each other when we forget to ensure there is nothing "growing from their head" or "growing from their butt". 
    We both have had great shots where the lighting, cropping etc. is perfect and we feel all proud.  so we show to each other thinking "I ROCK... wait till they see this shot" and she/I will say "yea great picture but what is this growing from their head?" or "it looks like they are shi&%*ing a tree branch :eek: was probably my favorite comment made by her so far.

    Simple thing to remember but makes all the difference in the world!
  2. Canoeman

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    Good advice, and I would like to add that a viewfinder is not a sniper scope. Don't put the subjects' heads in the center of the photo, because you almost always cut off the feet.

  3. snooknreds2

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    not sure what you mean by this Jan. You can not add peoples feet back in photoshop? Unless you mean the "things out of their heads" Yea you can photo shop but when you shoot like 3K pictures at a wedding preceded by a few hundred for the couples engagment session, you become aware of these little mishaps really quick... Although sometimes you forget all the gazillion "little and simple tricks"

    Please forgive all my mis-spellings over the last few weeks. I have been using a computer that is set up for polish spell check, so when I type everything has a red line under it and It is hard to see mistakes... Oh and I spell dog "C_A_T" so to speak..LOL
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    Having used photoshop since about 1991... if you want feet... I can give you feet. :D
  5. DuckNut

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    Great advice but I suck so bad at the picture taking thing that I gave it up for Lent.
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    ;D ;D ;D