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  1. Brett

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    I just like watching the demo vid on the homepage.
    The only way I'd do that is if it was life or death,
    or after multiple consumptions of an adult beverage...

  2. HaMm3r

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    I'd say she drafts a little more than most of us are looking for in a small craft, especially at launch. ;) ;D

  3. Brett

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    You think that's the way a pelican feels going in...?
                    The height is about right.

  4. costefishnt

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    one of the DOD projects I was on we had to strap into one of those for safety drills. Had I been on the project any longer I would have had to take the plunge, but because my time on the vessel was less than 2 weeks I only had to do the dry drill. I was kinda stoked when I thought I was gonna free fall @40 feet.

    on a side note those things are built like a tank. they had one floating and i was suprised at its ability to float after getting into the mounted one. cool safety boat for sure