Whats the difference(s) between Commercial OMC and non

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  1. Aquaman

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    I'm looking for an outboard for a Grumman Sportboat. the original owner Andy Renzetti used an older Mercury 15hp that weighed about 86lbs. I asked him how it ran with the 15 and he just smiled and "its tippy" The guys a peice of work... :)

    Anyway, I found a Johnson Commercial 6.5 on *bay that looks to be in real good condition and it states that it's a Commercial.


    What's heavy duty about the "Commercial" engines?

    I've also noticed that some are "Belgin Made" like the Evinrude Delux.

    The boats rated for a 7hp as its a little older and Andy has added a front and rear deck with hatches as he is a Fly fisherman.

    I need help trying to decide what to power the boat with.
  2. Brett

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    Commercial usually meant having an extra-long shaft
    for use on the taller transoms needed for rougher waters.
    Other than that the parts lists appear to be the same.


  3. Aquaman

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    Thanks Brett,

    After doing some research I think I've about decided to go with the smaller 60lb 8hp Yamaha for this boat. Being that the Grumman Sportboat is basically a wide aluminum "canoe" with a kinda round bottom I don't think that its ment to be a high speed planning hull like a Gheenoe. That and the fact that the boat only weighs 112lbs.

    They use the "bulb T" keel on this and one other canoe which they call the freighter......that's 19 feet long to try and keep it going in a straight line. ;D

    I'll just have to settle for 15-18mph and 30mpg.... :-?
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  5. Aquaman

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    I just snagged this leftover for $1375.

    I'm getting closer to the water everyday!!!!!