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Whats everyone been tying?

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Show your stuff... I have a bad eye and have been home all day whiped up a few flys.
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Anyone know of a fairly simple, yet good crab fly to tie for reds and bones?
I have yet to catch a redfish on fly, and much rather it be on a fly I tied myself.
I caught my first bone on a fly of my own, I would like to do the same with the red.

I hope to have at least one decent day to get on the water this weekend!

Heres my favorite, I like to alternate brown/tan for the body.
ive been getting good with my EP fibers

Those are lookin really good and they work great too, I just absolutely hate making them, its the most annoying material to tie with!
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black nasty, merkwan , and mack/jack flies

filling up the box, next season can't come soon enough....
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