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Whats everyone been tying?

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Show your stuff... I have a bad eye and have been home all day whiped up a few flys.
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Those shrimp flies look SICK!

any recipes on any of those?
Anyone know of a fairly simple, yet good crab fly to tie for reds and bones?
I have yet to catch a redfish on fly, and much rather it be on a fly I tied myself.
I caught my first bone on a fly of my own, I would like to do the same with the red.

I hope to have at least one decent day to get on the water this weekend!

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Is it? I have read nothing but good wind reports for the weekend. If not, I'm there Saturday! Lol
Hey Rich, how do you get the D3000 to focus on the fly and make it look so nice?
I'm having trouble taking detailed shots of my flies.

I want to post a few pics on here of what I've been tying lately.
And what do you do as far as lighting goes?
I just took a pic with my iPhone 4.

I'll get more pics of others in a bit with the camera.
I've been messing around with it trying to get good pics of the flies.

I guess you can call this a seaducer?
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"The Krusty Krab"

Don't know what this is called, but Alex (dacuban1) showed me it.

It's a baitfish(obviously).
Fox fur on the tail, barred hackle, then EP fibers for the head.

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My vise broke, so I haven't tied a fly in about a month and a half. Managed to get it back together with some JB Weld so I will be putting in work again. That time of year is approaching rapidly!!!
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