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Whats everyone been tying?

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Show your stuff... I have a bad eye and have been home all day whiped up a few flys.
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here is the you tube video i watched.
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i used 5 min. epoxy. the other stuff looks nice but this is what i had.
i have been playing around with seducer types and ep crabs for the last week. all in #4
very nice, is that fox coming off up by the bead chain?
are those the wapsi heads? i have been wanting to order some but was not sure what size to buy or were. i was going to try the 4 and 6 sizes, hoping to find one that is big enough to float with a heavy bite tippet but still be easy to cast.
Howdy Blind... Yep, they're the Wapsi soft foam heads, the catalogue number (for your fly shop) is PP6... although they're designed for a #4 hook, they'll hold a #1 and perform well with them.  Now for the hard part.  I don't think any popper works well with a shock tippet (although I'll use one if I have to...).  They work much better with just straight 20 or better yet 15lb tippet (I use fluoro, exclusively, with a four foot length looped to a much heavier butt section... 40lb mono for an 8wt.).  When there are small tarpon or snook around you're going to lose a lot of fish unless you add a short 40lb shocker... but then you'll get fewer bites.

I tell my anglers that the first hit on a popper is usually a miss and if they keep it moving slowly the second hit won't miss at all... The only other tip I have for working them is to make it look like a very small bait that's trying to get moving while badly crippled.   Small "blips", with each very short strip making a small sound seems to be just right for us.  For trout a bit more noise with periods of no motion at all seems to do the trick.  Good luck, I like them a lot at first light when there's no wind to speak of.
thank you sir, i will have to track some down. i use a four to five foot piece of 25# mason hard mono for a butt and then a four to five foot piece of either 20-30# fluoro. Lately i have been using a piece of 17# mono with a short bite for surface flies but i am not sure how much of a difference it makes. It seems every time i get sporty and try to lighten up on my leader i get busted off and revert back to my old ways.
i though i would save this thread from falling back any further. i have not had much time to tie lately but i bought a few of these from bill Jackson a while back. i liked then so much i went out yesterday and picked materials to make them in clear, tan, and olive.  this is my second attempt.  i think its called the supreme shrimp.

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did you whip finish the tail?  It doesn't look like it was knotted. 
surgeons knot x2 and epoxy.
blindmullet, are those 'glow eyes'? Got to love, glow eyes.  :cool:
no glow. just olive mono. some glow eyes would be nice but i have not seen them before. the original pattern i bought had melted mono with green marker and then epoxy dipped.(i think) but if these mono eyes are not as durable i will start doing it the hard way. i tied some more with the shrimp color and they look even better. i just need to track down some clear legs.
nice to see this thread alive. i just caught a glimpse of something like this in a video while surfing the web for fish porn.  this is my first attempt and i have not got it wet yet.
i guess it would be a supreme gurgler? 
Gam. SL12S #2
supreme hair (shrimp)
ep shrimp dub (tan)
legs (clear)
mono eyes
foam sheet
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my first attempt at carp flies.  #2 "carp breakfast" 

my wife was amazed how i could turn a trip to Iowa into fishing.  thanks to a new friend in Iowa i got my chance to feed some carp.

some crabs...

and ep bait fish.
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That lower crab fly looks like the Cuban Avalon?? I'm looking forward to tying some of those up.
its was definitely my inspiration. and i think your posts started me on using dubbing around the eyes on my crabs or toads if i am not mistaken. i plan on dropping it on some pot hole reds this fall. i hope they like cuban food:)
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