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Whats everyone been tying?

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Show your stuff... I have a bad eye and have been home all day whiped up a few flys.
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Anyone know of a fairly simple, yet good crab fly to tie for reds and bones?
I have yet to catch a redfish on fly, and much rather it be on a fly I tied myself.
I caught my first bone on a fly of my own, I would like to do the same with the red.

I hope to have at least one decent day to get on the water this weekend!

Its going to be ugly this weekend to be out there so if ya want come over the house, i'll give you crabs. I mean we can tie sum
keeping the thread alive, been having some good eats with this baitfish pattern.

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Tail: finn racoon w/ some flash add mono loop for fowling.
Colller: grizzly soft hackle
head: white ice dubbing (this one is dubbed with enrico shrimp dubbing) ran out of ice dubbing. Dubbed in a loop.
Hook: gamma SC-15 #1.
eyes: large bead chain

short erattic strips, this fly never fails. tie in all black too.
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