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Whats everyone been tying?

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Show your stuff... I have a bad eye and have been home all day whiped up a few flys.
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Just got 5 more fly boxes... so you guys know what I am doing. Fall is just around the corner so lots of Crab and Shrimp patterns are on the list.

Here are a couple toads.

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You either have to shoot with a tripod with a longer exposure. Or shoot free hand at ISO400.  The other thing is step back and zoom in.  If you are really close to the object it wont focus.  These were done with the standard pop up flash.
I just took a pic with my iPhone 4.

I'll get more pics of others in a bit with the camera.
I've been messing around with it trying to get good pics of the flies.

I guess you can call this a seaducer?
No man.... that's totally origional. :p

I will post a better pic tomorrow. I call mine the BSF. A lot of the bigger Snook we got this season were on this pattern.
They look good. I am a little worried that they don't have enough keel in them to keep them from spinning. Start a new thread with the picture, and a side view. Water test and report back.

Also you might want to cover the sides of the fly with some hard as nails or something. It looks like your epoxy didn't coat it all.

Thanks man. It's all in the name, lol. I am going to do a couple days of testing with this one. There might be a couple changes in order that I was dreaming about last night... not that dreaming about fly tying is weird or anything... ::)
very nice, is that fox coming off up by the bead chain? 
Zonker Strip.
did you whip finish the tail? It doesn't look like it was knotted.
My first and second attempt at a bendback geared towards reds/ trout

I really like the look of this fly. My suggestion would be to carry a pair of scissors with you when you try it out. The marabou tends to hold a bit of water and will want to make the fly slam when it lands. Thinning it out will help.


I tried this one before. As much as I enjoyed tying it the fish had a hard time seeing it in the water.
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