what's a good area in florida ?

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  1. jms

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    i hate to say it....i hate cold weather ! i hate snow ! i hate snow men too !!

    i've been to mostly the keys,and the saint augustine area...

    gimme a few areas

    i've got a big boat and a skiff...

    i'm a smart man - not married,just me
  2. Brett

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    x2 kreepa Tried living in a snow zone, lasted 2 months.
    Panhandle of Florida is gorgeous, not so crowded as the south end of the state.
    East Central is worthwhile and Southwest is fine.
    I chose my current neighborhood by looking at a night time satellite view of Florida
    and picking the area with the least amount of lights. Not that I'm anti-social or anything,
    just don't like crowded, traffic jammed communities with packed ramps.  ;)

  3. cvilt

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    There are several different types of terrain here. Well allot of sand and it is flat. LOL. There is a big difference in the water and atmosphere from the east coast and west I find the west coast more relaxed and quiet, the middle of the state is nice country. If your single you can move around till you find your new home. If you make to west central area let me know and I will show you around. The biggest hurdle is the pay difference but in season you will feel at home with all the snow birds from jersey :)
  4. AfterHours2

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    East central is pretty nice. Hardest part is goin to be finding work along the coastline. That's why I'm limited to living in the Orlando area. It's only a 45 min drive to the lagoon. We actually bought another home in New Smyrna beach for the long weekends and vacations. I would live beachside but employment has always been a factor..
  5. jeross

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    Given your trade, Florida will be well suited to you. More boats per capita than anywhere I can think of. There is a significant temperature difference in our short "Winter" between North Florida/the Panhandle and Central/South Florida. In Summer they are both hot.
  6. DuckNut

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    Florida is really divided into two demographics. The vast majority of people from the NE drive S on 95 and end up along that freeway and the people from the midwest drive S on 75 and end up along that coast.

    That being said along the west coast north of the Tampa Bay area the population is pretty sparse. Just about the entire east coast is highly populated. To find some of the areas that are less densely populated, listen to the others. The panhandle is a real nice laid back region.

    If you are going to stay in the boating business, the east coast is most likely your best bet. In the Stuart area there are a few yacht outfits.
  7. cutrunner

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    Kreepas not allowed in stuart. This is my town ;D