What to look at before purchasing a used DSLR?

Discussion in 'Photo Hut' started by treykramer, Sep 12, 2012.

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    I have found a ton of barely used dslr's on the internet. I'd like to buy a used one first to save some money incase I end up not liking it. Excluding price, what are some of the things I need to check out or look into before buying a used one? Or should I just go with new to avoid any issues?
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    Go with an actual company like Adorama or B/H Photo. At least that way you get a short warrany.
    Only negative with used DSLRs is the number of shutter snaps they are expected to take. However, that number is generally around 100,000+, so unless the camera was used a LOT, you'll be good.

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    There is something call EXIF which is the data on the actual camera...

    Number of shutter clicks, etc. for each picture..

    If you are purchasing a "used" camera from someone, have them take a picture of the day's newpaper and you can get a free program on line to load to read the actual information.

    The one thing it does not tell you if it's been dropped, etc.

    A dropped camera will still shoot..

    Unless you know the person you are buying from, you always risk this issue...

    I'm with the previous poster....go to K&M, Adorama, B&H PHoto or best, NIKON.com and pick up a refurb that has a factory warranty...usually 3 months and you can purchase an additional few years..

    Also, if you are looking for a basic "kit" - Costco has some great deals from time to time.

    My advice is buy a good refurb - which sometimes can be as simple as a store return cause "Jimmy didn't like it"...a display model...

    BTW, you didn't mention what you are looking at...

    If so, NIKON - go join Nikonians.org and read, and Flickr.com they have very good discussion groups on this subject.

    And of course, there is the everpresent, Ken Rockwell, who all in the profession love to hate - he has a good site with free reviews on gear....I usually ping him a $5 spot every few months if I read his stuff.

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    They got combo deals all the time brand new for about 450 to 600 all the time. I usually go check out slickdeals.net and see. I started out with a Canon Rebel series and once I got better I upgraded to a better camera. But to be honest, buying better lenses will give you the most increase potential for the money.