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Im running a powertech SCB4 12p but mines not a tunnel
What motor you running with that scb4-12?
PT website says the SCB4 is for merc outboards 25-70hp.

I talked to powertech the other day about my suzuki df60. they recommended the SRD4-12 for mine. Im running the srd3-15 now. But not turning enough rpms

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I would call HB, they should defiantly have the answer.  If not just call over to Power Tech, they have the greatest customer service and will help you find a prop that does what you want it do to. 

You will want the answers to these questions handy when you speak to HB and or PT.

What Model / HP Engine?
What is your current Prop Pitch?
Is it aluminum or SS?
What are you currently getting in RPM's and MPH with a normal load of gas and gear?
What are you looking for this prop to do?
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