What Jackasses!!!

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    I didn't know this kind of low life tournaments went on in this day and age. Figured some of you may not know either. The sad part is it is approved by the FWC. :mad:


    I hate all tournaments. They are everything fishing shouldn't be.
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    Bunch of clowns dressed up for Halloween with their wrapped boats, matching uniforms and disregard for the health of the fishery. I've witnessed the dead poons on the beach after a tournament...very sad.

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    I doubt it will stop too, because its driven by $$$$$ and with all the protests and lawsuits if it hasnt stopped yet it wont till the fishery dies.
    Every episode they complain of "how great it used to be " " there were more bigger fish a couple years ago" freakin duhhhh i wonder why

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    F the PTTS and those queer hosts that talk into the microphones. Purely done for the money and free boats. bunch of sellouts....much like everyone now-a-day. Give them a piece of your mind while out on the water.
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    A big thanks is owed to all the sponsors of these tournaments. This includes the fishing industry that we depend on. Without their sponsorship this tournament wouldn't exist.

    It's a double edge sword. We buy from these companies because they provide us with the necessary tools to fish. Yet they fight for ad space on these boats, trucks and anything else they can fit a logo on. It would be nice to see some of these companies step up and take some responsibility and realize their ad space isn't worth the end result. Also I would think the impact of their advertising with this tournament has to be minimal in the grand scheme of their annual sales.

    Here's a link to the main sponsors http://www.pttstv.com/category_s/43.htm

    I'm sure the rest of the industry has their logo on the non prime ad space: jerseys, hats, coozies.....
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    I don't see anything in the list of sponsors that I could not do without.
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    That's just sickening. Pretty telling that the top prizes are entry-level boats. To me a wrapped boat is a Hummer of the sea.
    Swampfox, I generally agree with you on tournaments, but there are some exceptions. The billfish clubs on the East coast are pretty good about no-kill, no live bait, dead boat and IGFA standards and like Redbone most are charity-affiliated. You're right about these jacklegs, kingfish tournaments, and most dolphin/wahoo tourneys. It's commercial fishing, not sportfishing and that should be a legal point to pursue and litigate.
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    It'd be nice if some common sense would be applied and more thought about the care of the fishery. There must be some way to accommodate both. Unfortunately, I think these tournaments are just about the money, so hard for common sense or care about the fishery to make its way in to it.
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  10. Kane_Thorp

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    I love tournament redfishing. But this is sickening! :mad:
  11. Swamp

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    Let me start by saying that I absolutely abhor the PTTS series.  Frankly I really dislike any fishing tourney.  I find that competition (especially where $$$ is involved) has a tendency to bring out bad behavior even amongst otherwise good people.  I have even seen it where people start to cheat and lie when the only thing to gain is bragging rights.  The environmental  impacts are obvious in tournaments like the PTTS, but I have personally seen the carcases of undersized reds and dead trout(by catch) after red fish tournaments from anglers in to much of a hurry to care for the fish that are not useful.  We don't even need to go into the concept of cutting corners by tearing up shallow flats or cutting off a "bad" fish(and many yards of line with it) just to get there faster or get back to fishing faster.  The temptation to"win" a quarter of a million dollars can easily get someone to "kill just one fish".  I mean it's just one right?  That one fish times how many boats in how many tournaments? It adds up quick.

    I don't mean to paint all anglers that fish in tournaments in a bad light, not at all.  Many if not most are honorable people and try to do the right thing, but a quarter of a million is a quarter of a million, or a new boat, or 10k, or even 20 bucks.  I can't say that I don't know someone that wouldn't "sell their soul"  for the cash involved these days.  I wish it where otherwise, the whole world would be a better place.  I think unicorns will fly out of my butt first.

    Having said all that, the video really bothers me.  It uses the same tactics and wording that PITA and the anti-fishing crowd uses.  I find it offensive when they do it and I find it offensive here.  I certainly agree with the message, but not with the messenger (the video).  One of the things that really stuck with me was the statement that FWC "supports" the PTTS.  That is news to me.  If someone has evidence to the contrary please let me know and I'll retract that right away.  There is a big difference between actually supporting and determining that the PTTS is legal under the current rules and regulations.  I mean they aren't a sponsor are they?  Another thing was the statement that BGP was the "only" place in the country that tarpon reproduce.  When was that determined and by whom?  They really want me to believe that all of the east coast fish don't spawn or that all of the fish that run up to the northern Gulf coast don't spawn?  I'd like to see proof of that.  I do believe that BGP is a major staging area for spawning and what is happening there is a negative thing. Frankly I would not mind if they shut the pass down to all tarpon fishing during the spawning season as compared to what happens now.  That is a bit extreme and I'd rather see a better solution than a complete closure but it would be better than what we see now IMO.  That video makes me really nervous though.

    Again, I approve of the message.  I consider myself to be an environmentalist, I don't have a choice in the matter since I am a hunter and fisherman.  I want to be able to fish and hunt in the future.  That means protecting habitat and fish/animal populations.  In my opinion the PTTS is not something that coincides with that, about the only thing worse would be a "kill" tourney.  I believe in using the environment, not abusing it.

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    well said , thank you....... :)
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    Dear moderators I understand this post has nothing to do with microskiffs but don't you think this is something people should know about? I doubt that many people on this site really look in the off topic section that often
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    Very good point. However, depletion of a fishery does in fact has everything to do with microskiffs, probably more so than any other class of boats. Makes me wonder why this thread got sent down here.

    Tourneys are a hot topic in the islands. It pains me to see 15 or 20 dead fish lined up on a dock. Pelagic limits are 20 fish. That's not per day, but per boat at any given time. In a two or three day tournament it makes you wonder what happened to the previous day's catch; eaten (I doubt it), given away or trashed?
    A couple of years ago the winners of the Grove Slam ran all the way to the Pocket at Chub to find their dolphin and get back to Miami for weigh-in and their $10K. It was never established that they actually checked in for their cruising and fishing permits. Maybe the vid on the PTTS was a little over the top, but maybe it also got people's attention.

    I'm not painting all money tournament fishermen with a broad stroke, but there is certainly a bad element among them. As alluded to earlier, sponsors should take a more responsible position in vetting what it is they are associating themselves with.
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    I'll play devils advocate here. Not to offend anyone and not in reference to this tournament, cause it is ridiculous to have that many boats in that small an area or think it has anything to do with skill and that it won't put unneeded pressure and damage on the fish.

    Anyway I oppose having this stuff anywhere else besides in the off-topic area. This has to do with protection and conservation of a species of fish, and not specifically with microskiffs even though we might catch them from our boats. It would be different if you were asking for tips on how to catch them from our skiffs, but there are no micro's involved there that I have ever seen. I have been a member of dozens of forums over the years and I can tell you a lot of members, including me, come to specific forums for very specific reasons. Allowing topics that somewhat relate dilutes the forums core and eventually turns off subscribers. I've seen more then one forum go south after allowing topics like this, especially politically charged stuff which this tournament is.

    Again I understand and support the message, but I personally don't want to see it in the main sections. Microskiff has done a great job of preserving the core of this forum where others have failed. And lets be honest, discussing it here does virtually nothing anyway. If you feel strongly about this then join one of the many conservation message boards and groups, or write letters to important officials.
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    This section (off topic) is the slowest section on the site.
    I honestly think we should use it more to discuss more "off topic" topics and better get to know everybody. I think alot of good can come from it. Lets be honest here, the general discussion area is the one getting too "general". Who knows, maybe after some of the normal guys getto know each other, there just might be an official microskiff rally that actually happens!
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    I know this will basically restate what has been covered on this post but I can't read this without commenting. I fish charlotte harbor and have my entire life. I can't express how disgusted I am with fishing tournaments as a whole in this area. Our flats are destroyed and fisheries raped. The Ptts is one example. Another that effects me more directly is the flatsmaster series. You can find video on youtube of a release boat giving fish away after a tournament. I guess it wasn't bad enough to release these tired fish in the middle of the harbor for the dolphins. Sorry if I ramble a bit but I get fired up about this topic. As soon as you can make a living catching fish conservation goes out the window. :mad:
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    Great points Swamp skiff. I concur!
    Let me add, I think tourneys, especially these highly organized commercial ones should be by state law, obligated to FIRST donate $100,000 (per tourney) to the FWC in order to hold the tourney. These funds would be used to help the localized ecology recover from the abuse that is shelled out by the tourney. I'm sure there is some dude who's gonna read this and think nothing but bad thoughts about me for saying that but you know what...I don't care! I dislike you as much as you dislike me! I hope your vinyl wrap peels off and gets tangled up around your prop shaft! ;-)
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    Anything for a buck...