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What Is The Best Multi-Tool for Your Options?

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A multi-tool is a diversified gear that combines several individual functions and tools in a single unit to help you deal with small and ad-hoc problems while saving your time. Despite the fact that even the best multi tools can’t be substituted for individual real tools, they are still highly functional and useful for various purposes of both daily and emergency uses.

Multifunction tools come in a huge variety of offerings with different styles and features along with all sorts of shapes and sizes. Today’s article will only focus on folding multitools and at the end of this post, you will be able to define what makes a good multi tool.

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Types of Multi-Tools

There are three distinct categories of multi-tools available on the market for your options.

Keychain style

Keychain-style tools are designed for daily use which can handily be attached to your set of keys. Their small size is a perfect means of instrument for minor tasks such as opening boxes, cutting nails, or screwing and unscrewing. When dealing with duties at a daily level, you will find this multi-tool just as ready and handy as your keychain. It is not expected to use keychain-style multi-tools for tougher and more complicated tasks, otherwise, they will be broken easily.


Also being mentioned as general-purpose multi-tools, this is the most common model on the market and also has the bulkiest shape of the category. Not only useful for short and simple tasks as keychain-style tools, but the full-size type can also handle a heavier and wider variety of duties. This makes them become one of the most useful multi tools available out there.

Specialized Purpose

Options in this category are specialized by adding tools that appeal to specific groups of users like backpackers, technicians, electricians, fishers, and more. In some cases, the tools fall under this category have the same functions as general-purpose tools but are a little burlier and handier in design for use in harsh conditions.

Factors to Look At

The multitools market is filled with hundreds of options, therefore, paying attention to several core factors will help narrow down the range of considerations and shorten the selection process. The following advice is suitable for those who are not at the professional-level application of multi-tools.

Tools Components

There are several basic tool components that any multiple purpose tools should include as pliers, straight-edged knife, screwdriver, and bottle opener. Many models provide extra tools such as scissors, saw, tweezers, ruler, and even awls. When it comes to choosing a good multi tool for you, make sure to pick one coming with all the basic components and if needed specialized tools that suit your needs. Beware of some cheap models lacking one or several basic parts will be less useful in certain situations.

Portability and Carry Options

Most folding multitools are great at portability since you can carry them in your pocket or on your belt. The keychain-sized models are small enough to fit in the key set, so you can basically bring them anywhere anytime with you. If you want to store your tools in your pants pockets, a pocket-clipped carry should be considered. This will help avoid losing any changes/stuff inside your pockets whenever you pull the tools out. An additional point is that a full-size multi-tool with rough exterior might wear your pocket out as fast as you can imagine. All that matters is how often you use a multitool and by which means you use to carry it.

One-handed mechanism

This is one of the mandatory features your multitool should possess, especially when you’re out camping. One-handed mechanism allows you to open a certain tool without the need of manually opening every single part of the multitool.


Sheaths provide ultimate protection and prolong the lifespan of your multitool. Keep an eye for one with sheaths made of leather or nylon for the best impact. While leather is a rip-proof material, nylon offers waterproof ability. This exterior cover assures your best rated multi tool to maintain its like-new condition for a long time.

Locking feature

Multitools with locking feature promise safer use as the locking mechanism will remain each tool in place once in use and prevent other parts from pivoting back. This feature allows you to utilize your multitool without hurting yourself.


Keychain-sized multi-tools seem to be the cheapest ones in your range of options. With the price running around $20, you are able to purchase a fairly good multi tool perfect for daily-level tasks. At the budget of $40 - $50, it’s easy to own one of the best keychain-style multitools from the best multi tool brands on the market.

In terms of full-size multitools, as most of the top brands offer a lifetime warranty (Gerber and SOG) or 25-year warranty (Leatherman), a good multi tool should be considered as a lifetime purchase. Generally speaking, the more you spend, the higher quality multitool you will get. It will cost you from $90 - $200 for the highest rated multi tool with smooth pivot points, finely machined moving parts, and high-quality steel.

Leading Brands

The best multi tool brands are those that have years of history in the industry with top rated multi tools for your consideration. They satisfy numerous customers by not only high-quality products but also excellent warranty and customer services.


Being one of the biggest names in the industry, Leatherman inc is where plier multitools were born. In other words, Leatherman started the evolution of multifunctional tools by the first design of the Pocket Survival Tool in 1984. Since then, the company still dominates multitool production, design, and branding in comparison with other competitors on the market. You can be confident when buying their productions as soon as you finish determining your needs and requirements.


Gerber originally started out as a famous knife brand before joining the multitools industry. Recently, it is well-known for making outdoor gears such as multi-purpose tools, survival kits, cutting tools, and equipment. Also noteworthy is the fact that every product that bears the Gerber name is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Having been tested by the US Special Forces, SOG multitools are surely trustable for users. The SOG Bowie knife was the first product of the company and soon became a full line of innovative tools that later be honored as the Navy SEAL knife of choice. Also offering a lifetime warranty for its products as Gerber, you can truly buy SOG’s goods without any hesitation.


Carrying a multitool level up the quality of your life and makes fixing things easier. When compared with the full-size tool kits, multitools are not as strong as but more practical and easier to carry almost everywhere. Before deciding your selection, remember to do your research and read the best multitool reviews. Finally, considering your needs and preferences to pick out tools and features that make sense to you.
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