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    I have been tinkering with my little skiff for a while now and my latest project is a rear deck. I cut out the deck and sanded it to fit and added in some supports that will "box in" a hatch. I did it all out of treated plywood. Well, I called the fine folks at US Composites http://www.uscomposites.com/ to order my glass and epoxy. Initially I was going to use 6 oz E glass mat to coat the deck. The guy I spoke with suggested 10 oz cloth for any deck projects, as it will be stronger, if you will actually walk on and fish off of your deck. Then he said that using "treated" plywood contains and oil that will prevent the epoxy from sticking to the wood. He suggested using bleach on the treated wood to remove the oil residues and suggested a minimum of 3 washings. Drying the deck on a flat surface (driveway) to prevent warping. After the treated wood dries, it can then be used with epoxy.

    What do you pros think? Is this guy full of beans on the cloth weight? The cost difference is minimal at about $.87/yard more for the 10 oz.

    Anyone ever heard that epoxy will not stick well to treated plywood?

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    Just make sure the wood is completely dry before using.

    The mount blocks for my cooler are PT, glued in place and sealed with epoxy.
    Been 2 years and still holding up fine...