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What floats my boat?!?!?!

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Building a Foam,Glass Epoxy, Flats\pirouge skiff. Fishing and Ducks.....

Made a call to TXPW to ask about registration inspections ect. The gal on the phone stumped me when she asked what the weight capacity is empty. :-/ no clue why, but my best guess is overloading  or HP????

SO???? how to i come up with a # in Lbs or do I a make a SWAG :D
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Mostly Harmless
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Check out the Backyard Builder Safety Standards sticky at the top of the Bragging Spot Section. I believe there are formulas in there to help you calculate capacity and I know there is a formula for max horsepower. You did specify that you were looking to register a home built hull, correct? Some data that is required to "register a boat" is not required to "register a home built boat". This also varies state to state, so Texas may be different than my experience in Maryland.

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