What does FORD stand for?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tom_in_orl, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. tom_in_orl

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    Found On Ramp Drowning



    Credit goes to Tanner for coming up with that one. [smiley=smilie-applause.gif]
  2. captnron

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    Yeah, but the wipers work [smiley=belowbelt.gif]

  3. deerfly

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    well, according to the annoying ad's on this site they claim best fuel mileage in their class, however I'm not sure if they'll back those claims in the water. This clip makes it indisputable they have the best windshield wiper systems though. :)
  4. captnron

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    They could also market under the "most fishable" even though it will now be better served as an artificial reef. :p

    And before anyone gets offended - I am a FORD man!!!! :cool: Just having a little fun :D
  5. Un-shore

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    There is another one from a different camera with the guy standing in the bed that stays pretty dry for a while.

    He had time to make a cast or two but it sank before he could get his rod ;D

    I hope this never happens to me! :-[
  6. Flyline

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    GMC = Garbage Manufacturing Company.

    CHEVROLET = Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Technigues.

    DODGE = Dead Or Dying Garbage Emitter

    FORD = I'm the owner and always own a FORD! Don't mess with me..... LOL.
  7. Brett

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    Pokin' fun at other peoples foolishness is alright,
    yet the problem is so easily avoided...

    Block it...


    And walk it...


    I've seen too many vehicles following the boat into the water,
    even though the owners tried their best to stop or accelerate out of the slide.
    And it really doesn't take that much longer to launch, if your trailer is set up properly.

  8. tom_in_orl

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    According to the people who saw it the first F250 went under because someone who was operating the boat threw two big HP outboards into reverse after he was told to trim the motor up. The boat was on the trailer and hooked up. The outboards running in reverse dragged the truck into the water.

    The 2nd one may have been avoided with the wheel chock. That truck just started rolling backwards while the guy was standing in the bed getting ready to unhook his boat.
  9. Un-shore

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    Oh yeah, Ford rocks! My wife and kids are wrapped in 6,000 lbs of raw American iron. '03 Expedition, 140,000 miles and runs like new. So far has saved them from serious injury from two different cars trying to go through her while she is sitting at red lights.
  10. FSUfisher

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    I am laughing nervously because that could've easily been my Ford last Friday. I was tired, ready to go home and loading my boat by myself. I always put the e-brake on when on the ramp, but this time when I jumped back into the boat to drive it on the trailer I noticed the truck's reverse lights on. I freaked out, and was more than a little embarrassed. :-[
  11. Un-shore

    Un-shore Well-Known Member

    Good catch FSU! No where else is a driver more distracted, tired, and sometimes more nervous than at a boat ramp. Anybody could end up like this guy due to the changing ramp environment. I know I've come close, I never thought my 19' centerconsole could win a tug of war with my truck but it almost did recently :-[

    I thought I was safe setting the parking brake, parking brake only grabs the back tires, the ones that are on the slippery slime... I think I'll follow Bretts advice after my last scare.
  12. Brett

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    The tire block is an easy 10 minute project.
    12" chunk of 4x4 scrap from a fence project.
    Screw on pad eye and 8 feet of nylon cord.
    Cord should be just long enough to loop over the wing
    mirror when the block is in position behind the tire.
    No one needs to pull the block out of the way,
    as the block drags alongside the truck on the way
    back up the ramp to the parking lot. The cord is short
    enough that the block never gets close to the rear tire.

  13. DSampiero

    DSampiero working for the rewards...


    j/k I liked the two Ford's I've owned, a ranger longbed and an '89 I6 F150 longbed. But I am really interested to see the Mahindra Diesel pickups when they start delivering, wonder how they'll hold up to some good ole' country abuse.

    Brett - Isn't it time to nonskid that walk board?
  14. Un-shore

    Un-shore Well-Known Member

    Brett is way ahead of the rest, had non-skid surgically applied to his bare feet years ago! :D
  15. DSampiero

    DSampiero working for the rewards...

    But that is me on the walk board in the picture above!

    [edit]And my calluses can be somewhat slippery on pressure treated boards. ;D[/edit]
  16. Brett

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    Took care of that first trip...
    gonna patent it...
    new non-skid texture...
    called "splinters"!

  17. flatsandfurious

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    Tanner needs to use the parking brake more!
  18. Frank_Sebastian

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    ¿ Show me the "Carfax" report please??!!!

  19. paint it black

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    lol that was the second of the two white F250's that went in, correct?