What do you use on your engine???

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by hferrell87, Jul 29, 2014.

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    Hey all, I want to cover all the corners with keeping my Yami 70 2 stroke running strong and clean. What products do y'all like to use for your engine to help fight corrosion and keep things running smoothly?

    I always flush my engine after each use and give her a good bath.
    Are there parts of the outboard that I should really focus on that tend to get corrosion easier than other parts of the outboard?

    I have always just taken my boats and engines to professionals to clean up and fix, but want to start doing the little things to help prolong my visits!

    I am good on doing 100 hour services and what not, just mainly want to get an idea of what the best products to use during the service period and for regular maintenance.

    Thank you all!!
  2. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Use all yamaha oem parts, no aftermarket stuff. Fluah it after every use, grease fittings occasionally and spray under the hood with crc 656 liberally. And maybe run yamaha ring free in the fuel, thats about it

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    ^ the man has spoken

  4. hferrell87

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    Thanks a lot for the info!! When searching Yamaha ring free, I noticed there is also ring free plus... Is the plus version just as suitable as the regular ring free? Also, in reference to grease, is there a marine grade grease that I should be looking for or just a generic grease will work? Thanks again for the response!!
  5. Net 30

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    I'm a big fan of Salt-Away every couple of uses…run it thru a warm engine and then the rest gets sprayed on the aluminum trailer.
  6. DuckNut

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    And keep ethanol away from it.
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  7. cutrunner

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    Either ring free is fine, the plus is more designed for ethanol fuel.
    i actually perfer either mercury 2-4-c, or the blue stuff from evinurude as far as grease goes. But anything is better than nothing