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Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by Fuzzy_Bruce, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Fuzzy_Bruce

    Fuzzy_Bruce Well-Known Member

    I may have the opportunity to pick up an older 70's aluminum 15' semi-vee hull with an '86 merc 25 and a decent trailer with 14" wheels and tires. $1500

    Boat & trailer are decent and the motor runs but sat for a year or two and starts hard. may need a good carb cleaning.

    I only want the motor for the Gladesmen. It may be a little overpowered with the 2smoke.

    If so, would I be able to resell for the same price?
  2. MATT

    MATT Well-Known Member

    just my .02

    I have done well in the past picking up packages braking them up and re-selling. but to me the motor is alittle ole for you gladesmen (knowing where you fish most of the time) also think price is to high.

    but I like the line of thinking and I like the 25 2-smoke on the gladesmen....

  3. stickwaver

    stickwaver Hammer in my hand still pounding on a screw

    I did this very similiar thing with my current rig. Bought a crap boat with a good motor and trailer for the right price, hung on to it for a little while, sold the hull and ended up coming out with a perfectly good trailer and motor for $175. The best deal I have ever worked.... by far!
  4. CaptSnook

    CaptSnook Well-Known Member

    With the price of aluminum scrap may get a better price scrapping the boat.
  5. cantcatchsquat

    cantcatchsquat Well-Known Member

    i got a 1963 15 aluminum starcraft boat in no way a gheenoe but around 3 4 hundred pounds how much would i get at a scrap yard
  6. Fuzzy_Bruce

    Fuzzy_Bruce Well-Known Member

    the boat and trailer are in very good shape. Only second owner. original owner repowered in '86 after 11 years. He passed on shortly after swlling to second owner. I have known them both for many years.
  7. captnron

    captnron Guest

    If you want a 25 Merc 2 smoke for the Gladesman, I know of a couple with very low hours but you'll need to expect to pay $2500.00 for one. PM me if your interested.