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    Should rich kids be ineligible for college scholarships?
    By The Week's Editorial Staff | The Week – 13 hours ago.. .

    Hip-hop mogul Diddy is worth $500 million, and his son just landed a full-ride, merit-based scholarship to UCLA. Where's the justice?
    Among the graduating high school class of 2012 is one Justin Combs, who finished his senior year with an impressive 3.75 GPA and an equally impressive record on the football field. UCLA rewarded Justin's accomplishments with a full, $54,000 merit-based scholarship and a spot in the school's storied football program. The twist: Justin is the son of hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, recently named the wealthiest man in hip-hop by Forbes. With California's state schools facing deep cuts, UCLA's decision to offer Justin a chunk of its scarce resources is being widely criticized. Should the Combs clan give back the money? Or should the size of Justin's dad's bank account even matter?

    Justin shouldn't keep this money: Here's the bottom line, says Dennis Romero in LA Weekly: "The son of a guy worth nearly half a billion dollars" doesn't need a free ride to college, especially to "a school where student tuition and fees have nearly tripled in the last 10 years." I mean, this is a kid who poses in front of "a $300,000-plus Maybach," likely the car his dad got him on his 16th birthday. Now that's "a free ride that could pay for half dozen full-ride scholarships to UCLA."
    "Combs gets full scholarship to UCLA as many students struggle"

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    The kids of millionaires deserve recognition, too: "I'll cop to a little jealousy" about Diddy's fortune, says Jeanne Sager in The Stir. But Justin earned this scholarship through hard work in the classroom and on the field, and if we take it away because of Diddy's cash surplus, we're sending a message to all kids: "There is no reason to have a work ethic." That's a failure of parenting.
    "Kids of rich parents deserve college scholarships too"

    It's Justin's decision: It does seem like, in a world of spoiled Kardashians and "Sweet Sixteen" reality TV brats, we should reward a hardworking scion, says Amber Doty at Babble. But I have to say, "my knee jerk reaction was that the Combs' and families like them should absolutely refuse the scholarship." It's inarguable that some other kid could use the $54,000 scholarship more than Justin Combs. But in the end, it's his scholarship to keep or give up, and I'm "not sure what the right or wrong answer is."
    "Should the children of the extremely wealthy be eligible...?"
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    P diddy is not worth that much, no way...
    Anybody that know rap knows that Jay-z is the true baller!, hes bangin Beyonce and has at least ten top ten artists under his labels at all times. Not to mention his very wise investments.
    When was the last time p diddy even made an album? Lol

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    Diddy might be worth that much. His rap skills suck but his money is made not by his own flow but the flow of others. AND, since he's his own label and has been for a long time there is NO big corporation in his pocket. Jay-Z on the other hand wasn't always in control of his own profits from what I understand. Back to the topic. though. Technically he has the right to accept the loot but I think that ethically he shouldn't. But then....uber rich folk ain't exactly known for ethical behaviour RIGHT? It like that statesmen, who's also a lawyer who got busted using a tax cut that was supposed to be used only by disabled vets. This rich azz layer was using this difficult to attain tax cut to save on his 1.5 million dollar estate WHILE hundreds of REAL disabled vets get rejected cause their disabilities arn't disabling enough! Anyway, I ain't trying to put Jay-Zs son in that catagory but he should feel a lil gilt.....with his rich azz! lol
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    Regardless who his father is, the kid worked hard and earned his scholarship just like any other person would. For him to not be recognized would of cost a lot more loot than the full ride he was given. Not to mention, Diddy will most likely contribute more than that in his sons first semester....
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    Wo is me. Who really cares what a kids parents accomplished in their life of hard work- why should that make people feel compelled to spew jargon in an attempt to reduce the accomplishment of the kid. Let's face it; the kids parents money probably paid salaries to tutors and house maids to enhance the kids abilities and I think that is wonderful.

    I have a friend in Oklahoma that is a Cherokee Indian and he got a full scholarship at an expensive school and accepted it even though because he is indian he would have received a free ride anyway.

    On the other hand I have a friend that was raised by two working parents that barely brought home $50k and he attanded Harvard WITHOUT a scholarship. The $54k tuition at UCLA was less than a year at Harvard. Because he was virtually poor it is OK for him to have a lifetime of payments.

    The football scholarship that the school is giving this kid is an athletic scholarship and if the kid doesn't accept it, it will not go to the general scholarship fund. If the kid applied for financial aid because he did not get the athletic scholarship he would not get any because of his parents.

    Bottom line is that the entire system is F'd up and that is no reason to penalize those who earn recognition. It is really sad that there are so many people that are feverishly against people that have money and they are always looking for ways to disgorge it from the people who earned it and the earners deserve enough respect to keep what they have.