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What am I doing wrong?

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Two times yesterday I saw redfish, managed to get the fly in front of them, watched them race over to the fly (although, I can't be 100% sure on this, since I could not actually see my fly), then they get to the spot and stop. It certainly looked like they ate the fly, but I didn't feel anything so I don't set the hook until I can't stand it which point I strip and the fish bolt out of there. I think next time I see this, I'm going to set immediately when they stop like that. What do you guys do in that situation?
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When the fish is right up on the fly (whether he's eaten it or not...) I tell my anglers to start start short stripping the fly -just fast enough so you know one way or the other that you're bit or not.... At the same time I want to see the tip of the rod actually in the water pointing directly at your fly. That way if the fish even kisses that fly you're gonna feel it and come tight on them (with absolutely no slack between the fly and your stripping hand.

Hope this helps.

I've seen plenty of times when a fish pick up a motion-less fly - but not nearly as many times as they turn away from it. For me, motion at the fly end of things is what draws strikes...
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